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Welcoming 2008....

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  • varsha ghosh
    December 2007 Happy New Year! Happy holidays!! 2007 was very interesting….in fall of `06, I left my job of seven years as Director of Programs for a
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      December 2007


      Happy New Year!   Happy holidays!!


      2007 was very interesting….in fall of `06, I left my job of seven years as Director of Programs for a youth-run non profit that was very busy and very multi-faceted. I loved it but was tired. When offered a straightforward job with a large hospital administering a community grant initiative, I took it. I wanted to have a 9-5 existence.  For nine months I had a 9-5 life, worked out regularly, saw my friends, enjoyed Boston’s live music scene and simplified my life.  Then I got laid off in June, which led to my enjoying the most fantastic summer ever.  For the first time in a decade, I had nothing to do but enjoy myself during July and August.


      I played and played and played.  Each day, I enjoyed the glory that is a New England summer.  I went to the beach, hiked in the Blue Hills, Plum Island, in the White Mountains, sunned on Crane’s Beach and Castle Island. Enjoyed outdoor concerts in Copley Sq and the South End, Movies on the lawn on the Boston Common and indulged in daytime drinking (never alone).  I had the honor of being bridesmaid for my friends Devon and Tim, in DC.  Spent two great long weekends with my sister and her family in Ithaca, NY. Took my six year old nephew camping for the first time—and discovered that I must become a “aerobed” camper b/c my back was not happy the next day.  Spent a lovely long weekend with my oldest friends on Lake Winnepesaukee (aka On “Golden Pond”) in NH.   I also finally painted my spare room and installed a more efficient closet.  I also volunteered for a local city council race—always interesting. A weekend enjoying fall foliage in Lenox, MA, and attending Anne and Kevin’s wedding was also a highlight.  And I met my New Year’s resolution—I had to complete a 5 K and end the year fitter than I started or else I would have to volunteer for Mitt Romney.


      By October, I was pretty tired of interviewing and the summer being over meant most of my friends had also gone back to their regular schedules.  Happily I was offered a job as Director of Operations at Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center.  It is in many ways a dream job—senior management, multi-service agency, with solid support from a diverse array of funders, strong history of community presence and leadership.  I celebrated with a four and half day trip to London—where I saw family, friends, and touristy things like the Fashion Exhibit at the V&A, markets at Portobello and Spitalfields and blues bars. Looking forward to 2008—I have a trip to India and Argentina or Brazil planned! 


      Life has returned to normal—I work 9-7, squeeze in a workout, see friends etc.  I hope this message finds you well...stop by if you are in my neck of the woods :)









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