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My Crazy Life - Update!

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  • Kym Walther
    Hi All! I think most everyone knows that I moved down to Hotlanta 2 years ago (hard to believe its already been 2 years!). I met Jeff in Boston shortly before
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 20, 2007
      Hi All!

      I think most everyone knows that I moved down to Hotlanta 2 years ago (hard to believe its already been 2 years!).  I met Jeff in Boston shortly before that, and he moved down to be with me 5 months later.  Well, now its payback for me...I’m following him and his job transfer…and my payback isn’t so bad…I’m finally heading west to San Diego after being apart from each other for 14 months!!! YIPPEE!!  Jeff left for his federal agent training with the Navy 14 months ago, then moved permanently to San Diego in Aug 06. After a fun cross country adventure – lots of miles, lots of coffee, a couple mishaps in Mexico, etc.  we said an indefinite goodbye, and have been commuting back and forth every month since then.
      My company (United HealthCare) acquired PacifiCare, a managed care company based in Southern California in 2006, and we expanded into the west coast market.  With barely a presence there before, we didn’t have a pacific region Director in our Health and Wellness division.  In line with expanding our wellness presence nationwide, the company created a Director of Health and Wellness Strategies position for the west coast region.  In December I found this opportunity, and being the exact same job I did in Atlanta for the Southeast, it was a natural fit!  The last few months have been a bit of a whirlwind!  I sold my house on April 12, ( and my car and most of my furniture) then me and my four legged furry children hopped a plane that night for San Diego , with a quick stop in Vegas… (I told the kitties no gambling!) 
      So, as much as Atlanta ’s real estate market is an unbelievable bargain, San Diego ’s is a nightmare!  What I sold my huge10 year old colonial in the suburbs of Atlanta for, is not even going to cover half of what a tiny, 50-60 year old beach cottage with no land costs in SD. I moved temporarily into Jeff’s studio apartment while we look for a house, the apt. is directly on the beach, but, the whole place is just barely bigger than the master bath and closet in my old house!  Me, Jeff and two cats in one room, yikes! …did I mention it’s ON the beach?  J
      I landed in SD last Friday at about 2 am, and my luggage decided to take another route, one that took it 5 days, so I just got my clothes, shoes, etc… everything,  back yesterday.  Work, so far, is satisfying, and I look forward to exploring my new region (Washington, Oregon, Calif. and Nevada). I bought a cute little Mitsubishi Eclipse, and have been house hunting, despite the still present sticker shock!  We are looking to stay permanently in an area called Ocean Beach , and the houses we are looking at are all within a couple blocks to the beach.  Our main priority is having at least 2 bedrooms, so we can have our friends and family visit!  If your travels find you in southern California …or you want them to find you here…PLEASE come visit!
      I hope you and your families are all happy and healthy!

      Love, Kym

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