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charity cup

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  • Scott Geibel
    Am I being too cynical to suspect a sinister Machiavellian motivation behind the Charity Cup? Or should I be pleased... Kamuzu Stadium seems a long way from
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2007
      Am I being too cynical to suspect a sinister Machiavellian motivation behind the "Charity Cup?" Or should I be pleased... Kamuzu Stadium seems a long way from where I slapped some tin on a roof and painted "Tutulane" on the side of a 1-room building.- Scott

      Tutulane to employ electronic ticketing
      by Oris Chimenya, 26 January 2007 - 09:53:45
      Tutulane Aids Organisation, organisers of the Tutulane Charity Cup which starts at Kamuzu Stadium Saturday, have deployed a computerised ticketing system to help verify ticket validity during the tournament.
      The organisation’s public relations officer Emmanuel Chisi disclosed this in an interview Thursday, saying the move is aimed at maximising benefits from the event which the organisation will use to train orphans in tailoring, tinsmith and carpentry.
      He also said when his organisation briefed Super league of Malawi (Sulom) on its intention to pre-sell tickets in PTC and BP shops, the Super League governing body advised them that such a system has one major disadvantage —forgery.
      “So, we told them that a friend of Tutulane has given us an opportunity to use a Local Area Network of wireless laptop computers which will be used to screen and test ticket codes for authenticity.
      On whether or not the system is foolproof, Chisi said: “Of course, it has been tried. This is the system which was used during the E-Wallet music competition and everything is in place”.
      He said the organisation has agreed with Kamuzu Stadium staff for them to man the gates.
      Chisi also said the organisation will not entertain any unaccredited entrants into the stadium, saying: “This is a cause of charity and we want to realise maximum funds so that we don’t only get our share for the organisation, but also cater for some responsibilities such as paying the teams’ allowances, food, travel and accommodation.
      Tutulane started selling tickets yesterday in Blantyre at normal stadium costs although tickets can still be purchased at the gates.
      This is the first time that a computerised system is being deployed at a major football match in Malawi. Its success or failure might provide answers and lesson for Fam and Sulom who have been crippled by fraud on gate takings.
      The Charity Cup competition starts Saturday at 12:30 pm with a clash between Silver Strikers and Big Bullets and Silver Strikers before Blue Eagles tussle against Super League champions MTL Wanderers at 3pm.
      On Sunday, loser from tomorrow’s matches will battle it out for the third place while the winners will lineup for the gigantic final showdown.
      Tutulane started in 1997 as an HIV Resource Centre within Chitipa’s Ministry of Health offices, but now, it is run by an independent board which is headed by Group Village Headmen Mkombanyama and Moses from the district. Other board members are Arthur Sichinga, Oline Nakaghughu, Cheyo Mwambene, Elias Mwenechanya, a Mr. L. Luwinga, and Edwin Kayuni. The board is directed by a Miss Tinaless Nsomba while technical advisor is Kennedy Ooulu and financial advisor is Mwalimu Mwenitete.
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