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RE: [SPAM:] [ujeni] Vyrle and Dolly Update?

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  • Vyrle Owens
    14 January 2007 Dear Deb and all of you ujeni folks The week between Christmas and New Years I started to prepare a brief 2006 update, rather expecting a
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      14 January 2007


      Dear Deb and all of you “ujeni”

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    • tana@att.net
      Vyrle- I m so glad you re doing fine after such a scary event! Quite a different way to start the New Year. Thanks for sharing with us so we can send lots of
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        Vyrle- I'm so glad you're doing fine after such a scary event!  Quite a different way to start the New Year.  Thanks for sharing with us so we can send lots of good thoughts your way.  My update is coming soon (somewhere between work and kids I'll find a moment to get it all down).  Best wishes to you!  -Tana



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        14 January 2007

        Dear Deb and all of you �ujeni� folks

        The week between Christmas and New Years I started to prepare a brief 2006 update, rather expecting a string of the same to drift in from all of you over the holidays.

        2006 was for the most part a great year for us,  great weather, hard work, no boredom, many small meaningful accomplishments, feeling like I am worthwhile and actually contributing to the quality of my life and those important people around me. (Although I still have not established world peace, political sanity in the USA , or disassembled the US military/industrial /political complex, or any other big thing like understanding global warming and its solution.)

        Got together with the Portland Oregon contingent of Malawi RPCVs, various out of town visitors and PCV candidates on their way to Malawi from time to time through the year.  Always nice to see you.

        And this year I  tried to make sure that everyone whom I love and care about, knows I love them and care about them, and appreciate them for their contributions to the quality of my life.  (This includes all of you even though my more personal messages did not get far beyond the circle of  extended family.)

        Had a great Christmas weekend with the kids and grandkids (the west coast contingent), celebrated John's (son-in-law) partnership promotion, Josh and Cory's safe return from Senegal , and just generally lots of good stuff.  No travel, but wasn't really planning any.

        All was going well until, perhaps the greatest, because I survived, or worst, because it happened, event of my personal year, when lo and behold at the 36th hour before the end of the year, I passed out from  a heart attack.  Now who would have figured that?  Anyway, spent New Year's Eve in open heart surgery, triple bypass.  Awoke the next day (but I thought it was Jan 2) full of tubes and stitches, glad to be alive.  Spent a week in the hospital, one or more of the kids (except Sarina) spending the night with me each night.  Can't say the hospital stay was particularly pleasant, but the staff was very good, and constant presence of people I love was especially gratifying.

        Home again a week later, almost helpless, but glad to be home.  That was a week ago and I am doing OK

        As to 2007:  The immediate plan has been changed to accomplishing the several week recovery these things appear to require and to slowly working on things I am physically able to do, like write and read.  No long range plans have emerged in the last few days, no visions of bright lights, revelations of destiny, or epiphanies of glory.  But all should work out, and if the example of my friends and aquaintenances with similar experiences holds true I should have a decade or two or three  to fulfill my next career, whatever it may be.  (The Economist last week had an ad for PC Country Directors, applications due in mid February.  Wonder if I could pass the medical?)

        Enjoy the fullness the new year.  My best wishes for the fulfillment of your dreams.

        Love and Peace to all,


        More:  Dolly finally filled me in on the story of her crises.  No one told me she spent a few hours in the ER with highly elevated blood pressure.  But the story has come out.  She is doing well.  The episode got the doctor to pay a little more attention to her and work harder to help her control the blood pressure.  She now is on a different medication regime and it seems to be working well.  That and the fact that I am home and alive.  She is settling down and sleeping better catching up on her sleep.  I think she wanted to be with me in the hospital, but that also made things worse for her, each time some little thing happened she would think the worst.  When the kids took over my supervision, she did better and is now doing fine.

        So if things work out and we can sponsor another get together this summer you all can enjoy another session of Dolly�s cooking.

        Thanks for thinking of us.

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        Subject: [SPAM:] [ujeni] Vyrle and Dolly Update?
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        Hi all- I'd like to know more about how Vyrle and Dolly are doing. Does anyone have an update?

      • Vyrle Owens
        22 January 2007 Dear Tana and everyone, Thanks so much for the positive thoughts. I am eagerly anticipating your more complete update (when you have time).
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          22 January 2007


          Dear Tana and everyone,


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