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Re: [ujeni] Some questions

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  • Joanna Jane Hooper
    Hi Dan, That s very cool! We recently did a small fundraiser here (University of New Mexico School of Medicine) for Malawi Children s Village to raise money
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 21, 2006
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      Hi Dan,

      That's very cool! We recently did a small fundraiser here
      (University of New Mexico School of Medicine) for Malawi
      Children's Village to raise money to buy mosquito
      nets--they have started a mosquito net distribution
      program there, which seems like it would be pretty easy to
      do. The nets only cost a $1.50 (subsidised by the Bill
      and Melinda Gates foundation) and have been shown to
      reduce all cause mortality in children under 5 (in malaria
      endemic areas) by 20%. It's a pretty inexpensive
      intervention with pretty big pay off and fits directly
      into the MDGs. If you'd like a can send you a short power
      point presentation that I made to explain to people why we
      were doing the fundraiser. Also, Jeff Sachs has done
      things like providing breakfast at school for kids (some
      poridge--perhaps with a little more than just ufa
      though--soy bean flour and milk maybe--I'm not sure) and
      saw incredible improvement in the students
      performance--another really inexpensive but effective
      intervention. Also, there was an interesting study out of
      Bangldesh looking at Zinc--it was shown to decrease
      wasting, upper respiratory infections, and diahrreah
      pretty significantly in young children (just 70mg a
      week--these were also children under five--maybe younger
      than the pop you're targeting). I am headed to Guatemala
      on Sunday. We are going to be studying the effectiveness
      of a community health worker program there, and then
      training more community health workers--this is another
      simple, inexpensive program--the CHWs are armed with
      antibiotics and ORS in order to treat children faster
      before they trek to the hospital (the biggest killer of
      children under 5 in the developing world is pneumonia
      secondary usually to a viral upper respiratory
      infection--diarrhea being number two). Additionally, with
      our recent president, a lot of funding for birth control
      has been cut--if the organization supplying it had
      anything whatsoever to do with abortion--I don't know how
      this has affected Malawi, but this is obviously a big


      On Mon, 20 Feb 2006 20:33:09 -0700
      "Daniel Dudley" <papadud@...> wrote:
      > I have a couple of questions. 1) In the Peace Corps
      >Newsletter that Virle used to send out, he inclued a
      >couple of cartoons that I was looking for on the
      >internet, but I don't know who created them or even if I
      >can find them. One was two horses tied together and they
      >tugged and pulled in opposite directions to try to get
      >some food, when they worked together, they were both able
      >to eat. In the other, the point was the discrepency
      >between what donor agencies thought a village needed and
      >what they actually needed (I think that it had something
      >to do with a tire swing.) 2) The reason that I am
      >asking this is that our school has received a pretty
      >substantial donation from a parent to create a group to
      >look at how the school can be involved in playing a part
      >in the Millenium Development Goals. I would like to hear
      >from members of this ujeni community on some thoughts
      >about how a small school could do something towards these
      >goals. Obviously, I have a lean towards doing something
      >for Malawi. I would love to have something to do with
      >Stacia's work in promoting drought resistant crops,
      >adopting a couple of primary schools to help them get the
      >materials required to teach their children, or working
      >with a group like Peace Corps Volunteers to create a
      >small grant for projects around their sites. I think
      >that we are leaning towards making a long-term commitment
      >towards a goal rather than putting all of the money
      >towards one short-term project. Thanks for any of your
      >input, Dan Dudley
      > Peace
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      > Marine corps
      > Inner peace
      > Peace
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