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Re: [ujeni] Some questions

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  • Don & Cathy Weber
    Dan, My office partner John Chome was a Planner with the City of Blantyre. He ended up promoting to Chief of the Planning Department. I have maintained
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 21, 2006
      Dan,  My office partner John Chome was a Planner with the City of Blantyre. He ended up promoting to Chief of the Planning Department.
      I have maintained contact with him since we left Malawi. In November he notified us he was hired by the United Nations and has the title of Habitat Programme Manager for Malawi. Recently I asked him if he was involved in the Millenium Development project and this was his answer:
      Happy new year! I am not directly involved in the Millennium Villages project but indeed the aim is to enable these villages attain the MDGs and I think they will. There is however good news for Blantyre. I was involved in organising a town hall meeting between prof Jeffrey Sachs and a delegation of American billionnaires and a cross section of the Blantyre City community where the professor wanted to explore the possibility of establishing a millennium city. It was a wonderful meeting and I am now told that Blantyre has been declared a millennium city. This will involve initially a study to identify the infrastructure and social needs of Blantyre as well as private sector investment potentials. After which resources will be mobilised to implement these. the idea is to enable Blantyre attain the MDGs also. This ties in well with the work we have started in Blantyre to work towards removing slum conditions by the year 2020.
      I certainly think he could be a resource in identifying Millenium Development projects and would at least respond to an inquiry from you. Don't forget to tell him Weber sent you. (I'm serious). 
      His E-mail address is 
      Good luck.  Don



    • Joanna Jane Hooper
      Hi Dan, That s very cool! We recently did a small fundraiser here (University of New Mexico School of Medicine) for Malawi Children s Village to raise money
      Message 2 of 3 , Feb 21, 2006
        Hi Dan,

        That's very cool! We recently did a small fundraiser here
        (University of New Mexico School of Medicine) for Malawi
        Children's Village to raise money to buy mosquito
        nets--they have started a mosquito net distribution
        program there, which seems like it would be pretty easy to
        do. The nets only cost a $1.50 (subsidised by the Bill
        and Melinda Gates foundation) and have been shown to
        reduce all cause mortality in children under 5 (in malaria
        endemic areas) by 20%. It's a pretty inexpensive
        intervention with pretty big pay off and fits directly
        into the MDGs. If you'd like a can send you a short power
        point presentation that I made to explain to people why we
        were doing the fundraiser. Also, Jeff Sachs has done
        things like providing breakfast at school for kids (some
        poridge--perhaps with a little more than just ufa
        though--soy bean flour and milk maybe--I'm not sure) and
        saw incredible improvement in the students
        performance--another really inexpensive but effective
        intervention. Also, there was an interesting study out of
        Bangldesh looking at Zinc--it was shown to decrease
        wasting, upper respiratory infections, and diahrreah
        pretty significantly in young children (just 70mg a
        week--these were also children under five--maybe younger
        than the pop you're targeting). I am headed to Guatemala
        on Sunday. We are going to be studying the effectiveness
        of a community health worker program there, and then
        training more community health workers--this is another
        simple, inexpensive program--the CHWs are armed with
        antibiotics and ORS in order to treat children faster
        before they trek to the hospital (the biggest killer of
        children under 5 in the developing world is pneumonia
        secondary usually to a viral upper respiratory
        infection--diarrhea being number two). Additionally, with
        our recent president, a lot of funding for birth control
        has been cut--if the organization supplying it had
        anything whatsoever to do with abortion--I don't know how
        this has affected Malawi, but this is obviously a big


        On Mon, 20 Feb 2006 20:33:09 -0700
        "Daniel Dudley" <papadud@...> wrote:
        > I have a couple of questions. 1) In the Peace Corps
        >Newsletter that Virle used to send out, he inclued a
        >couple of cartoons that I was looking for on the
        >internet, but I don't know who created them or even if I
        >can find them. One was two horses tied together and they
        >tugged and pulled in opposite directions to try to get
        >some food, when they worked together, they were both able
        >to eat. In the other, the point was the discrepency
        >between what donor agencies thought a village needed and
        >what they actually needed (I think that it had something
        >to do with a tire swing.) 2) The reason that I am
        >asking this is that our school has received a pretty
        >substantial donation from a parent to create a group to
        >look at how the school can be involved in playing a part
        >in the Millenium Development Goals. I would like to hear
        >from members of this ujeni community on some thoughts
        >about how a small school could do something towards these
        >goals. Obviously, I have a lean towards doing something
        >for Malawi. I would love to have something to do with
        >Stacia's work in promoting drought resistant crops,
        >adopting a couple of primary schools to help them get the
        >materials required to teach their children, or working
        >with a group like Peace Corps Volunteers to create a
        >small grant for projects around their sites. I think
        >that we are leaning towards making a long-term commitment
        >towards a goal rather than putting all of the money
        >towards one short-term project. Thanks for any of your
        >input, Dan Dudley
        > Peace
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