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FW: Kosovo Positions

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 1999
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      > From: Kirk Dohne [SMTP:kdohne@...]
      > Sent: Friday, June 18, 1999 12:22 PM
      > Subject: Kosovo Positions
      > You are receiving this email because you have, in the past, shown an
      > interest in working for U.S. Agency for International Development and the
      > Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA). OFDA has agreed to assist
      > an
      > NGO in finding people for the Kosovo area. We wanted to spread the word as
      > quickly as possible because the need is so great.
      > We are looking to fill two positions:
      > Water/sanitation engineer
      > Emergency shelter engineer
      > We need cover letters and resumes by noon Tuesday, June 22. Fax
      > 301-770-0090 or reply to this email.
      > If you are interested in this position and consider yourself suitable to
      > the tasks and qualifications of the position please contact XL Associates
      > by replying to this email or calling Jesse Freese or Kirk Dohne at (301)
      > 770-0090. The Statement of Work can be seen below.
      > Referrals of qualified candidates are welcome and encouraged.
      > NOTE: If you do not want to receive OFDA/OTI position announcements in
      > the
      > future please reply to this email with the phrase "Unsubscribe". If you
      > want to receive ONLY OFDA/OTI position announcements please reply with any
      > such directions.
      > ******************************************************
      > Water/Sanitation Engineer (initially in Macedonia)
      > Responsibilities: Design implementation strategy for the development of
      > latrines, sewage systems, water resource systems. Responsible for project
      > design, construction and logistics of water projects. Implement, monitor
      > and evaluate water interventions. Recruit and supervise local workers and
      > water supply technicians. Order necessary material and maintain sufficient
      > stock. Coordinate with other international and local NGOs involved in
      > water
      > projects. Distribute latrine kits and demonstrate proper construction of
      > these kits. Provide regular reports and ensure record-keeping. Assist with
      > proposal writing and project design. Identify and liaise with local
      > suppliers of construction materials.
      > Requirements: University degree in civil engineering, groundwater geology
      > or related field; two years experience in water/sanitation, including
      > knowledge of a relief situation; ability to work under pressure and in
      > unstable security environment.
      > Length: 3-6 months
      > **********************************
      > Emergency Shelter Engineers (initially in Macedonia)
      > Responsibilities: conduct site assessments and recommend program measures;
      > oversee distribution of winterization materials to beneficiary
      > populations;
      > develop appropriate shelter/construction interventions; manage the
      > development and implementation of the Shelter and Winterization program;
      > recruit and train local staff; oversee provision of technical support to
      > beneficiary populations; ensure reporting requirements are met; supervise
      > shelter staff.
      > Requirements: civil engineering degree or relevant experience; experience
      > in managing locals and staff; at least 1-2 years overseas experience with
      > at least one year in a conflict zone; experience in creation of project
      > proposals and budgets.
      > Length: 4-6 months
      > ___________________
      > Kirk Dohne
      > XL Associates, Inc.
      > 301-770-0090
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