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RE: [ujeni] Fw: 'Raising AIDS Awareness' is not Enough

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  • Paul DEVER
    Too bad we don t have a World Malaria Day...it seems to kill more people than AIDS.... But good news is that there appears to be a vaccine around the
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      Too bad we don't have a World Malaria Day...it seems to kill more people
      than AIDS....

      But good news is that there appears to be a vaccine around the corner.....

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      Subject: [ujeni] Fw: 'Raising AIDS Awareness' is not Enough
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      Tomorow is World AIDS Day

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      Subject: 'Raising AIDS Awareness' is not Enough

      > World AIDS Day: 'Raising Awareness' is not Enough
      > Washington, Nov 28 -- World AIDS Day will be commemorated this
      > Thursday, December 1, but AIDS experts are saying the event must go
      > beyond raising awareness to holding President Bush, other world
      > leaders, and the US Congress, to their promises. This
      > year, "Keeping the Promise" is the global theme of World AIDS Day.
      > Global AIDS Alliance has published a Briefing Note about World AIDS
      > Day at:
      > www.globalaidsalliance.org/WAD_Briefing.cfm
      > World AIDS Day is typically a day of remembrance of those of who
      > have died of AIDS, with candlelight vigils, but too often there is
      > little mention of the actual record of government decision-makers in
      > supporting or opposing effective AIDS programs.
      > "As people living with AIDS know well, raising awareness is simply
      > not enough," said David Bryden, Communications Director for Global
      > AIDS Alliance. "The theme this year means we have to hold decision-
      > makers to their promises. If we only hold a candle, and fail to make
      > sure our leaders know we expect action, we are not doing our job."
      > "Honesty, not politeness, is needed in the face of this epidemic,"
      > said Bryden "It has to be said that President Bush has not kept his
      > promise on funding for the Global Fund. And, his policies on clean
      > needle-exchange and the approach he takes to promoting abstinence
      > have undermined prevention globally."
      > In July, President Bush personally signed the G8 Declaration
      > promising full support for the Global Fund, yet the Fund still lacks
      > the resources needed for any additional grantmaking.
      > The Congress is also considering a House-approved budget deficit
      > bill that would dramatically cut the benefits provided by Medicaid
      > and ultimately force many people off of Medicaid. A majority of
      > people living with HIV (55%) rely on Medicaid and 90% of children
      > living with HIV rely on Medicaid.
      > "The President should oppose this cut if he is to be true to his
      > statements of concern on World AIDS Day," said Bryden.
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