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  • Daniel Dudley
    It is with hat in hand that I am making this request. I know that many of us have already given a lot to various organizations over the last few months
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2005
      It is with hat in hand that I am making this request. I know that many of
      us have already given a lot to various organizations over the last few
      months because of hurricanes and the like, but I have a request, one for
      which I know that 100% of the money raised will go to the cause.

      At my school, we take students on Field Trips during the first two weeks of
      March. It is up to each teacher to design a Field Trip and take about 10
      students along. Our school mission principles include service to humanity,
      value of physical labor, intercultural understanding, creative expression,
      and intellecual curiosity (you are welcome to visit the school website for
      the exact mission statement www.vvsaz.org). I have been working for 4 years
      trying to design a field trip that includes as many of the mission
      principles as possible. I finally have approval from my school to lead the
      trip as long as I can raise the money for it. Personally I am giving $3,000
      towards it, and the other trip leader is giving $1,500 towards it, the
      school gives $4,000 towards field trips that come out of student tuition.

      You are asking what is he talking about? Well here is my project in a
      nut-shell and what I hope to raise. I would like to take 10 students to
      Malawi to teach teacher trainees at a Teacher Training College how to use
      calculator technology in their classrooms. Gertrude was in Malawi this
      summer and met with the Minister of Education and her secretary and some
      MP's who all think that this is a great idea and are very excited to help
      out. They will be giving us a place to stay and possibly feeding us, and
      giving us some transportation. I would rather not count on that and have
      the money in the budget to provide for these. I know that some of you are
      sceptical about using technology in the classrooms, and must be thinking
      that there must be something else that can be done in Malawi besides this.
      This part of the project will only be done in the first week and I believe
      that I should stick with my skill set, i.e., I have been teaching math for
      12 years and it is what I am good at and what I feel that I have the most
      experience leading students with. During the second week, we will be
      looking for volunteer work that we may be able to do at some of the national
      parks in exchange for a free visit, etc. I know how technology can be used
      effectively in a classroom and I intend for my students to show teachers how
      much mathematics they know through their instruction. My wife and I will
      also be leading the students who sign up through a language and cultural
      training program in the months before the trip, as they create the materials
      for the teachers that correlate with the already established curriculum. We
      will be creating materials that support what is already in place, not
      replace it with anything else.

      I will be taking some Native American students and several who are on
      financial aid, and this is the reason for my request. My school does not
      believe in having elitist field trips that only the rich can afford, so I am
      required to raise the money so that the students that want to go can. I
      figure that the money that I need to raise is about $15,000, this would
      allow me to be able to offer it for nearly nothing for everyone. I do have
      some grant requests out, but I don't know what will become of them. My
      school is a 501 (3)(c) non profit organization and all contributions will be
      tax deductible, so I am asking for help from individuals and companies. If
      anyone has a reference of someone who may be willing to help, based on your
      personal recommendation, that would also be appreciated. If you are
      interested in helping out, or have more questions about the trip, please
      feel free to contact me off the list at danield@....

      I am sorry to put this on the list, but I have been given a fairly short
      amount of time to raise the money and I am exploring every possibility.

      Thanks for your time, and I hope that you will be willing to help.


      Dan Dudley
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