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Rita update

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  • Kristi Henderson
    Hello all, I am doing well here in Dalls, staying with family and being well taken care of. My dad, mom, brother, niece, grandmother, and an elderly friend of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2005
      Hello all,
      I am doing well here in Dalls, staying with family and being well taken care of.  My dad, mom, brother, niece, grandmother, and an elderly friend of the family returned home Sunday.  They were able to make it all the way in, but said the closer they got to home, the worse things looked.  Their driveway is about an eighth of a mile long, and they were unable to drive on it due to all the debris.  My house was untouched - there were trees down all around it and my storage shed had a tree on it, but that was all the damage - Maegan's car was also untouched.  My brother lost some shingles and skirting, but no major house damage - he also has all his trees down.  My parents had more damage.  Their metal roof was taken off the house on two side, but luckily, when they put on the metal roof, they left the shingle roof on the house, so the only exposed openings on the roof were threee places where they had ventilators.  No damage to the inside of the house, and it certainly is livable.  They just had a new garage built the Saturday before Rita hit - it was damaged, but not destroyed.  The electric pole next to it that supplied electricity to my grandmother's house was snapped in two.  The oldest of their barns - a wooden one built by my great-grandfather was leveled.  Another metal one , which has the horse stalls in it had major damage - metal off the roof and two sides.  My mom had a collection of glass - bottles, jars, and stuff - TONS of it, and all that glass got broken and scattered in the pasture.  The horses were fine - just extremely nervous.  They have two barn cats, and have seen only one.  The rabbit coop was blown over and the rabbit has not been seen again.  All our dogs, including my Mandisa are fine - they had the crap scared  out of them, and every time they hear metal rattle they run for cover.  My cats survived and are being taken care of.  My mom, and niece, and our friend returned to Arkansas that day, and my dad and brother stayed.  Our landline phone works, so I have been able to talk to my dad and brother and that made all the difference in the world to hear their voices.  My dad said it is unbelievable - there are trees down and trees twisted and snapped everywhere - not just at our houses, but everywhere in east Texas.  The first night they slept in the house, and then the second night they has to sleep outside because it was too hot, then last night they had to put up a tent because of all the mosquitos.  They are eating well - all the food out of my freezer/fridge...and my brother said it was important that he drink my beer before it went bad, too.  Today Maegan and I are meeting my mother to get my niece and keep her here with us for awhile...give her and my mom a break.  I am out of school for at least two weeks.  We still haven't heard from a few of our family members who were in the storm area.  I don't know when I'll go home...they said it could be up to three weeks before th power is restored.  Thanks to all of you for your prayers and well wishes. 
      Kristi Henderson

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