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Re: [ujeni] Re: Bush, a Friend of Africa

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  • kristen cheney
    Scott et al, Glad to know that you re not facing the same issues with PEPFAR folks in other parts of Africa are facing. In Uganda, there was a lot of
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 7, 2005
      Scott et al,

      Glad to know that you're not facing the same issues with PEPFAR folks
      in other parts of Africa are facing. In Uganda, there was a lot of
      controversy over exactly which part of the ABC approach was most
      effective and should be supported. Right, high-risk groups aren't the
      sole targets of the program, but they are indeed held up to those
      moralizing standards.

      Sorry, I can't think much about this right now. Two of my best friends
      are in London today, about to board public transport when the bombs
      went off. Shaken, but okay.


      On 7/7/05, scottgeibel <scott@...> wrote:
      > Kristin- I'm not in complete disagreement with your indictment
      > against PEPFAR. Yes, some unsavory organizations are given a great
      > deal of PEPFAR money, and some do target these populations in
      > unsavory ways. The PEPFAR beauracracy was never really needed in the
      > first place, and their procedures certainly have much to be desired.
      > However, your statements regarding that PEPFAR *only* gives aid to un-
      > "ordinary" Africans, and requires them all to pledge brainwashed
      > allegiance to conservative Americanism is in my opinion complete and
      > utter nonsense.
      > I know of no PEPFAR organizations here, nor have I or others had to
      > sign any "conservative code of conduct" to receive funds, nor have I
      > been asked to brainwash aid receipients with conservative ideologies.
      > Maybe I need to tell some of the "ordinary" married couples I've seen
      > whose lives and hopes have been literally saved by PEPFAR-provided
      > ART, have been provided PEPFAR funding in error.
      > Scott
      > "The first problem with PEPFAR is that it targets only the "high-risk"
      > groups of sex workers, intravenous drug users, and youth. It ignores
      > 'ordinary' Africans and leaves out married people altogether,
      > assuming that marriage is a sanctuary from AIDS...
      > For the people targeted by the plan, they are forced to adhere to a
      > strict, moralizing code to receive funding.... To receive any
      > assistance, then, PLWAs (people living with AIDS) must submit to being
      > pathologized."
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      "So we starve all the teachers
      and recruit more marines.
      How come we don't even know what that means?
      It's obvious!" --Joe Jackson, The Obvious Song
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