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Re: [ujeni] interesting article on global health and the gates foundation.

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  • Don & Cathy Weber
    re: Liz s article So, I ve been thinking a lot lately about mice, the ones that are muckying up my pantry and eating holes in my garbage bags, spilling the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 28, 2005
      re: Liz's article
      So, I've been thinking a lot lately about mice, the ones that are muckying up my pantry and eating holes in my garbage bags, spilling the contents.  Hey, I don't like them but giving them AIDS?  I think Don's mouse traps are more humane. 
      Good article, Liz.
      And then...I've had a couple of email dialogues with Khanh and Thuy about artemesia and Malawi, since they have atarted growing it in Kenya and Tanzania.  Thuy has made some inquiries about the practicability of Malawi growing artemesia and making their own malarial drugs from it.  This is the upshot from her efforts.  But I have a niggling concern.
      From Thuy...
      "I actually spoke to the Technoserv group who is the WHO recipient to carry out the Artemisia project in Tanzania.  He seems to discouarge me from thinking about a similar endeavor in Malawi citing a number of logistic issues such as transportation, cost of refinery and manufacturing, etc.  In Malawi, Zomba is probably the best location.  Also, they expect for the synthetic form to come out around 2010 or 2015 so in some ways the WHO does not want other countries to partake in this until they have more experience?  I contacted a German group who is willing to send seeds (about 100 euros) to get started in Malawi.  This group is a proponent of locally produced herbal products.  They teach you how to make teas from Artemisunin and how to best quantify the teas for malaria treatment."
      My questions:  Why does the WHO not want countries to try to help themselves with some form of sustainable project that they can control and start using.  Am I being too simplistic in thinking this would be a good thing?  If a synthetic form is developed, who will control patents, manufacuring and pricing.  Is that going to be better for poor countries than trying to establish their own supply?   I have a very strong distrust of drug manufacurers. 

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