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RE: [ujeni] One last thing

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  • Paul DEVER
    I agree. ... From: Don & Cathy Weber Reply-To: ujeni@yahoogroups.com To: Subject: [ujeni] One last thing Date: Tue,
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 14, 2005
      I agree.

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      So, here may be an eventual solution, Paul...change U.S. policies on
      subsidizing agriculture. I keep hearing, as an example, that our cotton
      subsidies hurt cotton growers in Africa. Africans are unable to compete
      against the low prices America's subsidized farmers can sell cotton for on
      the world market. Other trade policies too? I don't know enough about
      trade. I do know that at the blowout WTO meeting in Seattle (Matt, you were
      living there) there were lots of contentious issues and public opinion did a
      little swaying. Before that time Gore, as V.P., was the big gun holding
      firm on the patent rights of the drug companies. And drug companies weren't
      budging on pricing and manufacture. Things changed as world opinion


      A loose quote from an opinion article in today's Modesto Bee...by Fareed
      Zakaria editor if Newsweek International

      "What Africa really needs is trade, not aid." Zakaria quoted from a movie,
      The Girl in the Cafe. He went on to say

      "But of course it is American and European policy to deny Africa access to
      our markets. We subsidize a few hundred of the richest agricultural
      companies and prevent tens of millions of the world's poor from
      participating in free trade and capitalism. It is estimated that if Africa
      gained 1 per cent more of the world's share of exports, it would be worth
      five times the total amount of foreign aid it receives. So to say that good
      government policies in underdeveloped are key, is correct; but in this
      crucial case, it's our policiies that need improving."


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