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Fwd: Crisis Corps Tsunami Relief and Other Efforts: How Far Will You Go?

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  • Christine Chumbler
    ... ========================================================== Crisis Corps Tsunami Relief and Other Efforts: How Far Will You Go?
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 16, 2005
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      Crisis Corps Tsunami Relief and Other Efforts: How Far Will You Go?

      Dear RPCV/W Members,

      Due to the earthquake in the Indian Ocean and the resulting tsunamis which have devastated several countries in South East Asia, the Peace Corps plans to deploy 30 Crisis Corps Volunteers (CCVs) for six-month tsunami relief assignments in Thailand.

      Additionally, they are seeking to establish a Crisis Corps program to assist the people of Sri Lanka with recovery efforts that will include up to 30 Crisis Corps Volunteers for three-month assignments.

      The recruitment and selection process for the first group of 10 Volunteers to be sent to Thailand has been completed and the Volunteers have begun the clearance process. The team will be comprised of one Database Development CCV, four Resource Development CCVs, and five Construction CCVs.

      Crisis Corps continues to work in collaboration with its partners to develop position descriptions for the second group of Volunteers in Thailand. Crisis Corps plans to have the second group of 10 position descriptions completed by mid March, with an anticipated project start date in April, and to have the final group of positions descriptions developed by the end of March for a May deployment.

      The majority of assignments in Thailand require proficiency in the Thai language and experience in the following:

      * Agroforestry
      * Civil Engineering
      * Crisis or Grief Counseling
      * Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction
      * Water and Sanitation
      * Youth Development

      Crisis Corps continues to move forward with establishing a program in Sri Lanka. Crisis Corps envisions volunteer projects to be developed over the next two months with start dates staggered throughout April and May. Their goal is to field 30 volunteers in Sri Lanka where Crisis Corps anticipates providing assistance in the following areas:

      * Housing Construction
      * Economic Development/Economic Stimulus
      * Grief and PTS counseling
      * Water and Sanitation
      * Youth Development

      Crisis Corps Application Process
      If Crisis Corps interests you, the next step would be to apply. The application process consists of sending in an application, a resume, and a copy of your Description of Service (if available).

      Applications may be downloaded from out website http://peacecorps.gov/rpcv/crisiscorps, emailed, or mailed to applicants upon request.

      Other Upcoming Assignments
      Additional upcoming assignments will be opening soon in Africa and Inter-America, and HIV/AIDS programming is a continuing growth area for Crisis Corps involvement.

      Current openings include assignments in Cameroon, Ecuador, and Jamaica, but additional assignments are anticipated in all three Peace Corps regions. Qualified RPCVs are encouraged to submit application materials now.

      Crisis Corps Contact Information
      Email: crisiscorps@...
      Phone: 800.424.8580 ext. 2250 or 202.692.2252 Fax: 202.692.2251
      Mail: The Peace Corps / Crisis Corps
      1111 20th Street, NW
      Washington, D.C. 20526
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