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RE: [ujeni] What Mandate?!

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  • John Patten
    Bush actually won most of the states in a huge red swath of middle America, but come on now, we re not so politically correct these days that anyone actually
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 6, 2004
      Bush actually won most of the states in a huge red
      swath of "middle America," but come on now, we're not
      so politically correct these days that anyone actually
      thinks I slighted 55 million Americans? That wasn't
      the point. Besides, I don't live in the city anyway, I
      live in a crumbling factory with moss on the concrete
      walls. I even let the feral cats and lizards hangout
      to keep the mouse and bug population down (photo
      attached). Kind of like my mid-western high school.
      But although they did mostly vote for Kerry, please
      don't insult the entire state of Michigan, as they're
      a bit sensitive and are still reeling from the loss to
      Ohio State yesterday.

      --- Luz Huntington <luzhunt@...> wrote:

      > Some of us are living in Middle America and used our
      > vote to try and change
      > things....Oh well maybe some of you need to get out
      > of the city and move
      > this way. The Ohio river is mighty but lovely and
      > the fall colors in the
      > Hoosier National Forest are lovely as well.
      > Luz
      > >From: John Patten <jppatten98@...>
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      > >Subject: [ujeni] What Mandate?!
      > >Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 23:53:27 -0800 (PST)
      > >
      > >Have some media types gone buggy? Time was when if
      > you
      > >won an election by 20-30 percentage points that was
      > >called a mandate.
      > >
      > >Since when does winning by the narrowest margin
      > since
      > >1916 for an incumbent President become some kind of
      > >mandate for his policies? More people voted for
      > Kerry
      > >than Reagan.
      > >
      > >People also claim to have voted for him on moral
      > >grounds? Are there so few of us left that think he
      > and
      > >his cronies are the most immoral group in our
      > >lifetimes, like Roman emperors that speak of one
      > thing
      > >while burning villages out of reach of the public
      > >scrutiny?
      > >
      > >Middle America can rest well in their ignorance,
      > >because they just don't want to see all the things
      > we
      > >have lost. Mor scary is that many just don't care.
      > >
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