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  • Kristen Elizabeth Cheney
    John and All, Thanks for your response to the Uganda New Vision editorial. I realized when I sent it that it employed some hyperbole, but I was interested in
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2004
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      John and All,

      Thanks for your response to the Uganda New Vision
      editorial. I realized when I sent it that it employed some
      hyperbole, but I was interested in letting people know the
      sentiment of others around the world. I think the
      statement that 'if the world were voting, Bush wouldn't
      stand a chance' is both poignant and accurate. But I'm
      just throwing things out there for debate, so thanks for
      picking it up. Here's the New Vision editorial from

      P.S. I too am more terrified of the Axis of Evil
      (Ashcroft, Cheney, Rumsfeld), but they're part of the Bush
      package. And rest assured, Paul, there are no Dicks in my


      Why Bush should not be re-elected

      THE WORLD is watching with bated breath as the United
      States presidential election campaign winds down.
      Whoever emerges winner between President George Bush and
      his main challenger, John Kerry, will be the world’s most
      powerful man. That is why we have an interest in whoever
      sits in the Oval Office.
      Bush has had four years of unmitigated disaster as far as
      the international community is concerned, and will be most
      remembered for undermining global stability.
      By bypassing the United Nations in his decision to attack
      Iraq, Bush laid asunder the tenets of world peace —
      multilateralism and joint responsibility — that were
      established in the wake of World War II. Because of the
      militarism and (initially) unrestrained aggression of 70
      years ago that led to mankind’s biggest war, world leaders
      decided that order would be maintained through the UN.
      Subsequently, with the demise of the Soviet bloc, it was
      incumbent upon the US, as the sole super power, to
      exercise its leadership responsibly through international
      It is not only the US that is concerned about terrorism
      (even Uganda has been victim). By telling a lie about
      Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, and invading on that
      false premise, Bush has taken attention away from the real
      culprits, Al Qaeda, and in so doing skewed the war against
      terrorism, for which much of the world may yet pay.
      The Bush administration has undermined not only
      geopolitical interests. By failing to approve the Kyoto
      Protocol, a pact aimed at tackling global warming by
      limiting carbondioxide emissions, the US has put all of
      mankind at risk.

      By holding suspects without trial, and refusing to sign up
      to the International Criminal Court, Bush has undermined
      justice and democracy, the very ideals that otherwise make
      the US the attractive world leader it should be.
      It is for Americans to elect their chief. But because the
      US, at this moment in history, is also world leader, the
      President must be more suave, more astute. George Bush is
      not that man.

      Published on: Thursday, 28th October, 2004

      Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2004 08:14:40 -0700 (PDT)
      From: John Patten <jppatten98@...>
      Subject: Re: The view from Africa

      Thanks Kristen for the post. While still firmly in the
      anti-Bush camp (and tepid about Kerry), this very
      interesting editorial also illustrates some of the
      problems of journalism today. While an editorial would
      of course be opinion, often statements are put out as
      facts when they are at the very least debatable. This
      author makes several mistakes and misrepresentations
      (trillions of dollars of deficit for example) which
      sometimes gives that side ammunition to say look at
      the way the "liberals" can't get the facts straight,
      diverting their own misstatements.

      Bush doesn't even scare me so much anymore, but the
      big four do- Rummy, Ashcroft, Paul Wolfowitz and
      Cheney. An official here that knows them says despite
      the fact they are smart, they self-reference each
      other and have lost the plot to the big picture.

      I think the world knows something we don't.
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