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Re: [ujeni] The view from Africa

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  • John Patten
    Thanks Kristen for the post. While still firmly in the anti-Bush camp (and tepid about Kerry), this very interesting editorial also illustrates some of the
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 23, 2004
      Thanks Kristen for the post. While still firmly in the
      anti-Bush camp (and tepid about Kerry), this very
      interesting editorial also illustrates some of the
      problems of journalism today. While an editorial would
      of course be opinion, often statements are put out as
      facts when they are at the very least debatable. This
      author makes several mistakes and misrepresentations
      (trillions of dollars of deficit for example) which
      sometimes gives that side ammunition to say look at
      the way the "liberals" can't get the facts straight,
      diverting their own misstatements.

      Bush doesn't even scare me so much anymore, but the
      big four do- Rummy, Ashcroft, Paul Wolfowitz and
      Cheney. An official here that knows them says despite
      the fact they are smart, they self-reference each
      other and have lost the plot to the big picture.

      I think the world knows something we don't.

      --- Kristen Elizabeth Cheney <kcheney@...> wrote:

      > An editorial in the Ugandan New Vision...
      > Kristen Cheney
      > PhD Anthropology
      > ********************
      > US voters should listen to outsiders
      > AMERICANS HAVE started early voting although the
      > actual
      > presidential election is only on November 2.
      > Opinion polls show the incumbent President George
      > Bush
      > running neck and neck with his main challenger John
      > Kerry.
      > Some polls show Bush with a tiny lead but it is
      > still less
      > than the statistical margin of error. The overall
      > result
      > will hinge on a few swing states like Ohio and
      > Florida
      > where victory, however small, carries all that
      > state�s
      > electoral delegates.
      > Bush has been a radical president. He conclusively
      > ended
      > the conservative foreign policy tradition of
      > isolationism
      > and introduced the concept of pre-emptive attack
      > that led
      > to the Iraq quagmire. He is trying to roll back
      > environmental protection in the USA and has refused
      > to
      > endorse the Kyoto protocol on climate change.
      > Domestically
      > he has given huge tax breaks to the wealthiest one
      > per
      > cent of the population and has turned a budget
      > surplus of
      > billions of dollars into a deficit of trillions.
      > Who rationally would vote for Bush?.
      > Yet the American electorate is undecided, largely
      > because
      > they are living in a state of fear. They believe the
      > United States is under attack and at war. Many
      > believe
      > that the bellicose Bush is the only leader that can
      > protect them. To them, his simple certainties are
      > more
      > confidence inspiring than the measured and nuanced
      > analysis of Kerry.
      > But the American electorate should also consider one
      > other
      > simple fact: the vast majority of the world�s
      > population
      > outside the United States is desperate that Bush
      > does not
      > get re-elected.
      > The Arabs, the Europeans, the Asians all dread the
      > prospect of another five years of irrational and
      > destructive neo-con supremacism. If the world were
      > voting
      > on 2 November, Bush would not stand a chance.
      > If Americans want the world to be a safer place,
      > they
      > should take the advice of the global community and
      > vote
      > for Kerry.
      > Ends
      > Published on: Thursday, 21st October, 2004

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    • Paul DEVER
      Where are you John? How is life?
      Message 2 of 3 , Oct 23, 2004
        Where are you John? How is life?
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