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  • Christine Chumbler
    ... Peace Corps Online: Kerry reaches out to RPCVs Welcome to Peace Corps Online - October 19, 2004 A summary of Peace Corps News and Issues from around the
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      >>> "Peace Corps News" <PCNews@...> 10/20/04 1:17 AM
      Peace Corps Online: Kerry reaches out to RPCVs

      Welcome to Peace Corps Online - October 19, 2004

      A summary of Peace Corps News and Issues from around the world.

      Last month we ran our exclusive interview with Peace Corps
      Director Gaddi Vasquez and asked him hard questions about how he
      is running the Peace Corps. RPCVs made over 100 posts commenting
      on the interview and on Peace Corps Safety and Security issues.
      Be sure and take a look at what they said at:


      And don't forget to take our web poll on who you are supporting
      for President at:


      ....IN THIS ISSUE...............

      1. Kerry reaches out to Returned Volunteers

      2. "RPCVs for Kerry" hold Press Conference

      3. RPCV Carl Pope says turnout is key to election

      4. The Road from 9/11 to Abu Graib

      5. Eight RPCV's run for Congress

      6. Peace Corps Funnies


      ....1. Kerry reaches out to Returned Volunteers


      Last month Director Vasquez elaborated on what he had done as
      Peace Corps Director and explained his position on issues of
      Peace Corps Expansion, Safety and Security of Volunteers, the
      Five-year Rule, and other issues. This month we focus on what
      Democrats say they will do with the Peace Corps if they win the

      Massachusetts State Senator David Magnani (RPCV Sierra Leone)
      has been a legislator for the past twenty years and has authored
      legislation in Massachusetts that provides benefits to Returned
      Volunteers. Magnani has known John Kerry for 20 years and
      has worked with him on early childhood education legislation and
      the Conflict Diamond Legislation that helped bring about an end
      to Sierra Leone's civil war.

      Eleven months ago Magnani started the "RPCVs for Kerry." John
      Kerry wants the 200,000 votes of RPCVs and Staff and Dave
      Magnani says "There is no way in the world that any Americans
      can feel safer as the world increases its hatred for America and
      for Americans. We cannot use arms alone. Military might and
      aggression threats simply cannot make us safer if the rest of
      the world grows in distrust and suspicion for America and by
      extension for Americans and Peace Corps volunteers understand
      that better than anyone. They also understand what it takes to
      build friendships and connections for Americans and for our
      country overseas."

      We talked with Magnani about his service as a volunteer, his
      career as a legislator and where John Kerry stands on issues of
      interest to RPCVs. Read our exclusive interview where we ask

      Why should Returned Peace Corps Volunteers think Kerry's
      proposal to triple the size of the Peace Corps would be any more
      successful than President Bush's proposal two years ago to
      double the size of the Peace Corps that has stalled in Congress?

      Would John Kerry appoint a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer as
      Peace Corps Director?

      Does John Kerry support the "Peace Corps Safety and Security
      Bill" passed by the House earlier this year to create an
      Ombudsman at Peace Corps and the independent appointment of
      Peace Corps' Inspector General?

      What steps would Kerry take to provide better medical support to
      volunteers with long term illnesses?

      Would Kerry continue the cooperative agreement with the NPCA?

      This year's Presidential election will be decided in eight to
      ten "battleground" states that are too close to call. Four
      battleground states -- Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West
      Virginia -- are receiving the bulk of the airwave onslaught. Ten
      other states -- Colorado, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota,
      Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Wisconsin -- are also
      considered "in play.".

      A few hundred votes in one of these states may decide the
      election. If you are an RPCV living in one of these states or
      you have friends or family that you can encourage to vote in one
      of them, then you as a Returned Volunteer will truly have a
      chance to "make a difference" this year. Take a look at our
      exclusive interview and whatever you decide be sure and vote.

      Read the interview at:


      ....2. "RPCVs for Kerry" hold Press Conference

      The "RPCVs for Kerry" held a Press Conference at the National
      Press Club in Washington last week and we were there to hear why
      Dr. Robert Pastor, Ambassador Parker Borg, and Paul Oostburg
      Sanz say RPCVs should support Kerry for President. Read what
      they have to say and take our poll on who you support for
      President at:


      You may be surprised at the results.

      ....3. RPCV Carl Pope says turnout is key to election

      India RPCV Carl Pope, the head of the country's best-known
      environmental group, told an audience at Ohio University that
      the trick to getting John Kerry elected is not swaying undecided
      voters, but persuading those already willing to vote for the
      Democrat to actually go to the polls.

      "It is not necessary to persuade a single undecided voter,"
      argued Carl Pope, executive director of the national Sierra
      Club. Pope, who maintains that George W. Bush is reversing a
      century of environmental progress, said the group of "decided
      but unmotivated" citizens, who will probably vote for Kerry if
      they do vote, is much larger than the undecideds.


      ..........4. The Road from 9/11 to Abu Graib

      RPCV Chris Matthews interviewed investigative reporter Seymour
      Hersch on Hardball about his new book, "Chain of Command: The
      Road From 9/11 to Abu Ghraib." Hersch told Matthews "Around the
      world, America has lost some prestige because of Abu Ghraib.
      It's certainly as profound as My Lai and perhaps more because it
      gets to the soul of anybody who is Islamic." Hersch added that
      he "was in Damascus just recently and they still like Americans,
      believe it or not. Most people make a distinction between the
      government and the people." Read this interview for another
      view on how Americans are seen in the Islamic world at:


      ..........5. Eight RPCVs run for Congress


      Eight RPCVs are running for the House and Senate in November,

      Two RPCVs are running for Congress for the first time. Ghana
      RPCV Paul Johnson is the Democratic candidate for Iowa's Fourth
      Congressional District and Morocco RPCV Barbara Anne Ferris is
      running for Congress in Ohio's 10th District and they need
      your help in their campaigns.

      RPCV Congressman Chris Shays is in a tight race for re-election
      in Connecticut's 4th district. Chris Shays is an independent
      thinker who has been responsible for campaign finance reform
      legislation, oversight of Homeland Security, and setting up the
      9/11 commission. He is in trouble because he is a moderate
      Republican running in a liberal district in Connecticut and his
      Democratic opponent Dianne Farrell has repeatedly attempted to
      pin Shays with a conservative Republican right label, portraying
      him as a former independent who has turned to the right over
      time. Chris Shays is one of the most outstanding members of
      Congress, he is a credit to the Returned Volunteer community,
      and we support his re-election wholeheartedly. Please support
      his campaign. If you live in Connecticut's 4th district, please
      help get out the vote for Chris Shays.

      Chris Dodd (D- Connecticut), James Walsh (R - New York), Thomas
      Petri (R - Wisconsin), Sam Farr (D - California), and Mike Honda
      (D - California) all seem assured of re-election but they would
      still like your votes.

      Read more about each of these campaigns and how you can get
      involved in them at:


      and please help these RPCV candidates get elected.

      ....6. Peace Corps Funnies

      Take a look at last month's first Peace Corps funnies "Preaching
      to the Choir" at:


      Then go to our funny for this month and contribute your own
      caption at:


      ....8. About Peace Corps Online

      PCOL is always looking for news, stories, op-ed's,
      reminiscences, press releases, and articles by Returned
      Volunteers or about the Peace Corps. Make your written
      contribution to the history of the Peace Corps and the Returned
      Volunteer community. Find out how to publish your Peace Corps
      story on Peace Corps Online at:


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