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Re: The Subscribers

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  • davesander@xxxx.xxx
    thanks for all you re doing - feel free to give out my address, should anyone ask dave
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 4, 1999
      thanks for all you're doing -
      feel free to give out my address, should anyone ask

    • Paul Dever
      Reply to: RE [ujeni] The Subscribers you may use one of two email addresses for me: pdever@ml.peacecorps.gov or pcpaul@hotmail.com ... Date: 2/5/99 7:28 To:
      Message 2 of 3 , Feb 4, 1999
        Reply to: RE>[ujeni] The Subscribers
        you may use one of two email addresses for me:




        Date: 2/5/99 7:28
        To: Custodian
        From: ujeni@onelist.com
        From: wiserd@...

        Greetings all,

        People are e-mailing me asking me for

        1. a list of all the subscribers

        2. people's addresses

        I don't mind publishing a list of everyone subscribed, and here it is (see
        below). Sorry we put out a partial list earlier, with misspellings, but I
        think this one is right. If you regularly communicate with people not on
        the list, tell them to subscribe, especially since it will be the first
        place where we unveil info about the reunion in August. We expect to have
        a number for hotel reservations any day now. Stay tuned.

        I have thought a bit about how to handle requests for email addresses. I
        feel my first responsibility is to protect your privacy, and several
        people have emailed me asking me not to make their address known to just
        anybody. So here's what I will do. If you do not care if your email
        address is public, please send me an email to that effect. I will add
        your name to a list that I will put on the ujeni periodically. Otherwise,
        I will respect your privacy. If someone writes to me asking me for your
        address, I will let you know and you can decide for yourself whether you
        want to talk to that person. This might be inconvenient for some
        purposes, but in the words of Brother Shockman, I think it's fair enough.
        If anyone has any suggestions along these lines let me know.

        Current subscribers:

        Liz Bell

        Steve Berry

        Pete Bertling

        Eric Bone

        Mandy Briggs

        Rob Bruner

        Dug Bush

        Willi Cannon

        Kristen Cheney

        Christine Chumbler

        Sandy Cole

        Rob Cregg

        Alan DeBrauw

        Paul Dever

        Phil & Juliet Drazek

        John Dummer

        Morgan Elliott

        Jon Galinson

        Varsha Ghosh

        Drew Guest

        Kristi Henderson

        Mark Holland

        Diana Hornung

        Luz Huntington

        Jen Jacoby

        Leah Jones

        Roopangi Kadakia

        Bill Kernan

        Karl Klemmick

        Jesse Kwiek

        Skay Lessley

        Amy Mittelstadt

        Becky Mueller

        Vyrle Owens

        Sue Peterson

        Ramona Roth

        Dave Sander

        Ken Spafford

        Melissa Spencer

        Emma Spenner

        Rachel Stratford

        Lou Ann Tollefson

        Kym Walther

        Tara Waugh

        Don & Cathy Weber

        James Werle

        Richa Wilson

        Deb & Rand Wise

        Miranda Wright

        Jade Wu

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        to digest, go to the ONElist web site, at http://www.onelist.com and
        select the User Center link from the menu bar on the left.

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