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Fwd: Peace Corps Online: Director Gaddi Vasquez - The PCOL Interview

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  • Christine Chumbler
    ... Peace Corps Online: Director Gaddi Vasquez: The PCOL Interview Welcome to Peace Corps Online - September 7, 2004 A summary of Peace Corps News and Issues
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      >>> "Peace Corps News" <PCNews@...> 9/7/04 9:09 PM
      Peace Corps Online: Director Gaddi Vasquez: The PCOL Interview

      Welcome to Peace Corps Online - September 7, 2004

      A summary of Peace Corps News and Issues from around the world.

      Schwarzenegger praises Peace Corps at Republican Convention

      Last month we reported on Teresa Heinz Kerry's praise of the
      Peace Corps before the Democratic National Convention and
      National Review's criticism of her remarks as "truly offensive"


      This month Governor Schwarzenegger praised the Peace Corps
      before the Republican Convention: "We're the America that sends
      out Peace Corps volunteers to teach village children. We're the
      America that sends out missionaries and doctors to raise up the
      poor and the sick. We're the America that gives more than any
      other country, to fight AIDS in Africa and the developing world.
      And we're the America that fights not for imperialism but for
      human rights and democracy." Read the story at:


      Schwarzenegger has previously acknowledged his debt to his
      father-in-law, Peace Corps Founding Director Sargent Shriver,
      for teaching him "the joy of public service" and Arnold is
      encouraging volunteerism by creating the California Service
      Corps and tapping his wife, Maria Shriver, to lead it. Leave
      your comments and who can come up with the best Current Events
      Funny at?


      ....IN THIS ISSUE...............

      1. Director Gaddi Vasquez: The PCOL Interview

      2. The NPCA's Chicago RPCV Conference

      3. Is there a Budget Crunch at Peace Corps?

      4. Psychologist studies motives of PCVs

      5. Peace Corps Funnies


      ....1. Director Gaddi Vasquez: The PCOL Interview

      This month we sat down for an extended interview with Peace
      Corps Director Gaddi Vasquez. Read the entire interview and we
      promise you will learn something about the Peace Corps you
      didn't know before at:


      Then read the questions and answers one by one and leave your
      comments on the issues raised during the interview including
      Infrastructure Upgrades and the new Situation Room at
      Headquarters, Is there a Budget Crunch this year at Peace
      Corps, Peace Corps' Long Term Expansion, the Changes to the
      Five-Year Rule made last year, Safety and Security Issues, the
      Cooperative Agreement with NPCA, RPCVs in Policy Making
      Positions at Peace Corps Headquarters, Peace Corps' Departure
      from Russia in 2002, Director Vasquez's Accomplishments as
      Director, the Peace Corps Safety and Security Bill before
      Congress, Continuity at the Agency during Changes in
      Administration, the Community College Program, and the
      Director's Message to the Returned Volunteer Community. Read
      the individual questions at:


      ....2. The NPCA's Chicago RPCV Conference

      The second city proved it is second to none in putting on an
      unforgettable event for the NPCA's 2004 Returned Volunteer
      Conference. Read what RPCV Chris Matthews of MSNBC's Hardball
      had to say about his service in Swaziland and what Nobel
      Laureate and Landmine Activist Bobby Mueller had to say about
      US Mideast policy. Read our coverage of the closing ceremony,
      the opening ceremony, our photo essay of the Flag Procession,
      our collection of over five hundred photos from the procession,
      and what VOA said about the conference. Great job, Capca! Read
      our coverage of the conference at:


      Chris Matthews remembers his PC service as "moveable feast"

      MSNBC Hardball host and Swaziland RPCV Chris Mathews spoke from
      the heart about his Peace Corps experience at the Chicago
      Convention and said:

      The Peace Corps - what an amazing idea. In the middle of the
      cold war with tanks facing each other at Checkpoint Charlie, JFK
      said why don't you try to do this at a human level. He was
      thinking "outside the box" before the expression existed.

      You've got to come to a country with some other face than the
      tourist or the soldier or the oil executive. And that's the
      Peace Corps - I like being liked in the world. That music from
      Peter Yarrow that was played last night - that's the 60's -
      that's my generation you missed.

      Read what else Chris Matthews says about the Peace Corps at:


      Nobel Laureate and Landmine Activist Bobby Mueller speaks out

      Bobby Mueller spoke out against US Policy at the Chicago
      Conference and said RPCVs had an important role to play in
      informing the public:

      "We are looking at a storm that is coming our way. I predict
      that there will be civil disorder in Saudi Arabia within one
      year. President Musharraf of Pakistan has had so many
      assassination attempts they aren't even reported in the
      newspaper as news anymore. Musharraf's beating heart is all that
      stands between us and 30 Muslim nuclear warheads because many
      Pakistani people support the militants."

      "When Saudi Arabia starts to break down or when Pakistan starts
      to break down, then there will be a draft in this country again.
      Last time we had a draft, the majority got a pass. That ain't
      going to happen again. It's not going to be an invitation. We
      are going to tool up for war - and that will be the 'teachable

      Read what Mueller had to say about the situation in the Middle
      East and what RPCVs can do at:


      The Peace Corps Flag Procession

      The Flag Procession and remembrance of fallen Peace Corps
      Volunteers is always one of the most moving events at the NPCA
      Conferences and this year was no different. Look at our photo
      essay with a selection of photos of the procession at:


      At the end of the essay is a link to over 500 photos from the
      procession. You can look through them for the flag of your
      Country of Service and see old friends you knew from your
      service in the Peace Corps at:


      Ken Hill to lead National Peace Corps Association

      The NPCA elected Ken Hill as the new Chairman of the Board at
      the convention. "The National Peace Corps Association, with its
      network of 35,000 returned Peace Corps Volunteers and staff,
      actively pursues peace through service, education and advocacy,"
      said Hill. "Those goals are now more relevant than ever as
      despair, ignorance and distrust breed conflicts around the
      world. We are proud to foster the ideals of the 200,000-strong
      Peace Corps community and the millions of Americans whose values
      provide the foundations for peace." Read the story at:


      ..........3. Is there a Budget Crunch at Peace Corps?

      Read and comment on the memo from Peace Corps' General Counsel
      that explains the new policy for paying "cash in lieu" to
      Volunteers at their Completion of Service (COS). New RPCVs can
      still take the long way home, though they will likely have less
      money in their pockets because of the new policy. Peace Corps
      received $30 million more this year than in FY03 but is there a
      budget crunch now at Peace Corps? Read the story and leave your
      comments at:


      ..........4. Psychologist studies motives of PCVs

      Joseph Ferrari, a DePaul University psychology professor who has
      studied altruism extensively, said, in general, six motives
      exist--for both women and men--when it comes to volunteering.
      Ferrari classifies three as "selfless" motivators: The activity
      reflects one's values; it promotes understanding of other
      individuals and societies; and it enhances community-building

      The selfish motivators, according to Ferrari, fall under the
      umbrella of self-preservation or protection (that is, "If I get
      involved ... someday people will help me back," he explained );
      self-esteem ("It makes me feel good to do it"); or career

      Ferrari also said that although American volunteerism is on the
      decline overall, women tend to give of their time more often,
      perhaps because volunteering is considered a nurturing task or
      women are inherently more empathetic. He also mentioned a "Fear
      Factor," or thrill-seeking mentality, as well as a strong sense
      of spirituality as common denominators, regardless of gender.

      Read the complete story and leave your comments at:


      ....5. Peace Corps Funnies

      Take a look at last month's Peace Corps funnies "Lion" at:


      Then go to our funny for this month and contribute your own
      caption at:


      ....6. About Peace Corps Online

      We are always looking for news, stories, op-ed's, reminiscences,
      press releases, and articles by Returned Volunteers or about the
      Peace Corps. Make your written contribution to the history of
      the Peace Corps and the Returned Volunteer community. Find out
      how to publish your Peace Corps story on Peace Corps Online at:


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