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  • Daniel Dudley
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      Probably more truth than fiction.


      >From: "Charles W. Jewett" <greymatter2@...>
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      >Subject: FW: breaking news.....
      >Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 14:42:56 -0700
      >Panel Would Prepare Cliffs Notes Version
      >Just hours after the commission on 9/11 published its official report,
      >President Bush proposed that a new commission be empanelled to read the
      >567-page document "immediately."
      >"This report contains information of urgent importance to the American
      >people," Mr. Bush told reporters at the White House. "And so, I am
      >recommending that we establish a commission to start reading this very,
      >very long book as soon as possible."
      >While stopping short of naming possible candidates for such a panel, Mr.
      >Bush said that the commissioners should represent both parties and "know
      >what a lot of long words mean."
      >After finishing reading the book, Mr. Bush said, the panel would then
      >publish a "Cliffs Notes" edition of the book "to enable those who don't
      >have the time to read the entire book to sound like they read it."
      >Mr. Bush said he was "eager to read" such an abridged version of the
      >report, adding that he would get to it as soon as he was finished
      >reading "My Pet Goat."
      >But even as Mr. Bush proposed a commission to read the 9/11 report,
      >former President Bill Clinton slammed the document, calling the 567-page
      >report "way too short" to be considered "a real book."
      >"It should have been at least 400 pages longer," Mr. Clinton said. "As
      >it is, it's more like a pamphlet."
      >Elsewhere, presidential candidate Ralph Nader announced today that his
      >campaign would not advertise on reality shows because people who are
      >likely to vote for him do not like reality.

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