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still searching for cindy and becky

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  • Rand Wise
    hi guys. still trying to locate cindy kelly and becky meuller. help! please reply me deb wiserd@ mindspring.com ... Yahoo! Groups Links To visit your group on
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2004

      hi guys.   still trying to locate cindy kelly and becky meuller.  help! 
      please reply me
      wiserd@ mindspring.com

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      From: Weber
      Sent: May 10, 2004 12:48 PM
      To: ujeni@yahoogroups.com, Emily Willemsen
      Subject: Re: [ujeni] RE: Malawi

      Yes, An addition or two...

      If you can find it...a thing that works like a hand food processor.  It's a
      plastic bowl with lid, different sets of blade parts and a big handle on the
      top that turns the blades.  Alan de Brauw (also 94-96 PCV) and I each
      succumbed to the pitch and bought one at the Merced County Fair a few years
      ago and thought, wow, would this have been great in Malawi.  If you don't
      have a worker cooking for you, you
      will hand chop more tomatoes in two years than you would have thought
      possible in your whole lifetime.  Great tomatoes and onions are Malawi's
      most important seasonings. This thing works like a charm!!!!  It's the only
      reason I still make fresh tomato sauce.  I think kitchen stores have them
      now.  (If your worker is cooking for you...she might appreciate it too)

      The THERMAREST  is at the top of my list.  We had our kids send us a very
      cheap, light weight tent, too.  We found we had occasion to need it.

      If PC still advises bringing  2 years' worth of deodorant, don't.  It's
      available.  On the other hand that may be poor advice.  With the devaluation
      of the kwacha...and deodorant is undoubtedly imported...it might now cost a
      month's salary.

      Malawi's a great place to serve!  Hope you enjoy your time there as much as
      we did.

      Don and Cathy Weber

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      From: "Bell, Elizabeth" <eib6@...>
      > I'll start:
      > -TEVAS! They last forever, can be scrubbed down and rinsed off
      > if need be and if they start to wear thin go you can always have them
      > re-soled with rubber tires.
      > -A couple of good quality WATER BOTTLES - the kind with
      > measurements on the side (used them a lot when cooking).
      > -Vegetable and herb SEEDS - it's nice to get a little variety in
      > your diet.
      > -THERMAREST self inflating mattress - you will sleep on a lot of
      > floors over then next couple of years.
      > -FLEECE pullover/jacket - it does get cool/cold in the winter
      > there and makes a great pillow substitute when need be.
      > -DON'T bring much in the way of CLOTHES - you won't need to wear
      > different clothes every single day like you do here and you can get
      > great second hand finds at the markets.  Exceptions:  shoes and
      > underwear - harder to find decent quality shoes there, and used
      > underwear...well, let's not go there.
      > -DO bring a SHORT WAVE RADIO - critical for keeping in touch
      > with the larger world.
      > -I sent a box of BOOKS to myself before I left via the "m bag".
      > Ask at the post office, it goes surface mail, but as long as it is all
      > books or paper it is very cheap.  That said there was a library that was
      > dispersed when I was there, people are always trading books, but it's
      > nice to have a new infusion.
      > Anyone else?

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