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FW: State Epidemiolotist, Kentucky

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    Fyi. Elizabeth Bell, MPH STOP Activity Unit Polio Eradication Branch Global Immunization Division Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ... From: Keegan,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2004

      Elizabeth Bell, MPH
      STOP Activity Unit
      Polio Eradication Branch
      Global Immunization Division
      Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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      Subject: FW: State Epidemiolotist, Kentucky


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      Subject: State Epidemiolotist, Kentucky

      I regret that Dr. Steven Englender will be leaving his post as state
      epidemiologist and director of the division of epidemiology for the
      Department for Public Health sometime around the first of April. Steve
      in Cincinnati and has been commuting since just before 9-11-01. He found
      suitable position in public health in the Cincinnati area and
      wants to be home.

      Now, I need a replacement....assuming that such a person is out there.
      job includes the usual communicable disease control, immunziations, HIV,
      related work. It is also the site for the BT grant and vital statistics
      well as the health policy group. Kentucky is a challenge...we are facing
      some $$ reductions and our citizens are among the nation's most
      On the very strongly positive side, we have been fortunate to have
      CDC staff assigned to us and their presence is becoming obvious in many
      positive ways. Our new governor is a physician, Dr. Ernie Fletcher who
      previously the congressman from this district of Ky. He talks about
      prevention like no governor I can recall. Our new cabinet secretary is
      James W. Holsinger, Jr. who was previously the chancellor for the
      of Ky medical center and before that ran the VA medical system for the
      President Bush. There really is a new outlook for both public health
      health care delivery beginning to emerge.

      So, if any of you have any ideas about who might be interested in this
      position, please let me know. Someone who has both CDC and local or
      health department operational experience makes the best person for the
      Dr. Glyn Caldwell who retired from the PHS and worked at Arizona and
      Oklahoma was Steve's predecessor. Steve had experience in Arizona and
      Colorado before coming our way.

      Thanks for considering this request. Any help any of you can give in
      putting me in touch with folks interested in this kind of work will
      certainly be appreciated.

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