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Arts and Education under attack

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  • phil & juliet drazek
    The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the issue of whether public funding to an artist can be linked with the idea of whether the art is decent. After the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 16, 1999
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      The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the issue of whether public
      to an artist can be linked with the idea of whether the art is
      After the Robert Mapplethorpe "scandal" not so long ago, Congress
      a law that for an artist's art to receive public money via the
      Endowment for the Arts, it must be deemed decent.

      On NPR Morning Edition this morning, Nina Tottenberg said that if the
      Supreme Court supports Congress, it is in effect the end of NEA.
      there's the question of Congressional funding: Funding for NPR/NEA &

      PBS, NPR (National Public Radio), and the arts are facing major
      in funding. In spite of the efforts of each station to reduce spending
      costs and streamline their services, some government officials believe
      that the funding currently going to these programs is too large a
      of funding for something which is seen as not worthwhile.

      Currently, taxes from the general public for PBS equal $1.12 per
      per year, and the National Endowment for the Arts equals $.64 a year.
      January 1995 CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll indicated that 76% of Americans
      wish to keep funding for PBS, third only to national defense and law
      enforcement as the most valuable programs for federal funding.

      Each year, the Senate and House Appropriations committees each have 13
      subcommittees with jurisdiction over many programs and agencies. Each
      subcommittee passes its own appropriation bill. The goal each year is
      have each bill signed by the beginning of the fiscal year, which is
      October 1.

      The only way that our representatives can be aware of the base of
      for PBS and funding for these types of programs is by making our

      Please add your name to this list and forward it to friends who
      in what this stands for. This list will be forwarded to the President
      the United States, the Vice President of the United States, and
      Representative Newt Gingrich, who is the instigator of the action to
      funding to these worthwhile programs.

      This petition is being passed around the internet. Please add your
      to it so that funding can be maintained for the NEA, NPR & PBS.

      Please keep this petition rolling. Do not reply to me. Please sign and
      forward to others to sign. If you prefer not to sign please send to
      e-mail address indicated. This is being forwarded to several people at
      once to add their names to the petition. It won't matter if many
      receive the same list as the names are being managed. This is for
      who thinks NPR/PBS is a worthwhile expenditure of $1.12/year of their
      taxes, a petition follows.

      If you sign, please forward on to others.

      If not, please don't kill it - send it to the email address listed
      wein2688@... <mailto:wein2688@...>
      kubi7975@... <mailto:kubi7975@...>

      ****If you happen to be the 150th, 200th, 250th, etc. signer of this
      petition, please forward a copy to: wein2688@...
      <mailto:wein2688@...> . This way we can keep track
      the lists and organize them. Forward this to everyone you know, and
      us to keep these programs alive.

      Thank you.

      NOTE: It is preferable that you SELECT the entirety of this letter and
      then COPY it into a new outgoing message, rather than simply
      it. In your new outgoing message, add your name to the bottom of the
      list, then send it on. Or if option is available, do a SEND AGAIN.

      651) Andrea Wickham, New York, NY
      652) Jessica Wickham, Brooklyn, NY
      653) Mary H. Lorimer, W Long Branch, NJ
      654) Janis Jolcuvar, Santa Monica, CA
      655) Nancy A. Kist, Jersey City, NJ
      656) Bruce T. Herbert, Seattle, WA
      657) Anne Albritton, Madrid, Spain
      658) Richard Stephens, Madrid, Spain
      659) Jonathan Forgash, NYC, NY
      660) Barbara Glaser, Austin, TX
      661) Jim Blomquist, Chicago, IL
      662) Amy Rechenmacher, Evanston, IL
      663) Jayne Flores, Agana, Guam
      664) Jim Renza
      665) Ramon A Noya, Atlanta, GA
      666) Visitacion A Noya, Atlanta, GA
      667) Geoff Baker, Atlanta, GA
      668) Richard Gann, Atlanta, GA
      669) Anthony Thompson, LA, CA
      670) Carol Cetrone, LA, CA
      671) Debra Spinelli LA, CA
      672) Rika Ohara, Los Angeles, CA
      673 Alan Rich, Los Angeles, CA
      674 Tina Pelikan, New York, NY
      675) Juan Gomez, Los Angeles, CA
      676) Fredrik Nilsen, Los Angeles, CA
      677) Jackie Sharp, Los Angeles, CA
      678) Kathleen Frasca, Burbank, CA.
      679) Ilayne Lucas, Burbank, CA
      689) Thomas Lucas, Burbank. CA
      690) Abbe Kanter Jaye, Van Nuys, CA
      691) Billie Shane, Los Angeles, CA
      692) Frank Chindamo, L.A., CA
      693) Erik Liberman, LA, CA
      694) Jacob Liberman, Basalt, CO
      695) Marsha Boros, Coral Springs, FL
      696) Gina Liberman, San Francisco, CA
      697) Sharon Scruggs, NYC, NY
      698) Steven Skybell, NYC, NY
      699) Joseph Skibell, Austin, TX
      700) Barbara Freer Skibell, Austin TX
      701) Kerry Fried, Seattle, WA
      702) Kimberly Burns, West Hollywood, CA
      703) Howard Tharsing, San Francisco, CA
      705) Brian Basinger, San Francisco, CA
      706) David Murray, Chicago, IL
      707) James E. McPherson, Chicago, IL
      708) Katherine W. Laughlin, Seattle, WA
      709) Timothy L. Murray, Seattle, WA
      710) Beth Moore Haines, Nevada City, CA
      711) Eric Salzman, Brooklyn & East Quogue NY
      712) Kevin Guess, Houston, TX
      713) David Gompper, Iowa City, IA
      714) Ching-chu Hu, Ann Arbor, MI
      715) David Maki, Ann Arbor, MI
      716) David G. Stevens, East Islip, NY
      717) Rebecca Korn, East Meadow, NY
      718) John McNeur, Glen Head, NY
      719) Michael Salzman, Plainview, NY
      720) Frank Cassara, NY, NY
      721) Dean Drummond, Upper Nyack, NY
      722) Patricia Spencer, New York, NY
      723) Ardith Bondi, New York, NY
      724) Yeou-Cheng Ma, Fresh Meadows, NY
      725) Michael Dadap, Fresh Meadows, NY
      726) Helaine Fiedler, Douglaston, NY>>
      727) Merrilee Fiedler, New York, NY
      728) Jeanne Chin, New York, NY
      729) Ben Berry, New York, NY
      730) Pam Coar, North Babylon, NY
      731) Marie Ingellis, East Northport, NY
      732) Alice Cavanagh, Binghamton, NY
      734) Joseph Andrews, Endicott, NY
      735) Amy Short, Vestal, NY
      736) Michael Davis, New York, NY
      737) Jim Walsh, Binghamton, NY
      738) Zachary Roberts, Binghamton, NY
      739) Dave Siegel, Palo Alto, CA
      740) Stephanie Tuerk, Stanford, CA
      741) Jeanne S. Tuerk, Annapolis, MD
      742) Carl E. Tuerk, Jr. , Annapolis, Md
      743) Ivan Rubin, Brooklyn, NY
      744) Maryann H. Long , Summit, NJ
      745) Pat Weeden, Oergon, WI
      746) Tracey Nelson, Oregon, WI
      747) Alanna Nelson, Brodhead, WI
      748) Mourad Chaouch, Brodhead, WI
      749) Bob Iyall
      750) Judith Blau, Chapel Hill, NC
      751) Richard A. Peterson, Nashville, TN
      752) Karen A. Cerulo, Garwood, NJ
      753) Cathy S. Greenblat, New York, NY
      754) Shawna V. Hudson, Edison, NJ
      755) Karen Zivi, Highland Park, NJ
      756) Joanne Fernando, New York, NY
      757) Dawn Andrews, Los Angeles, CA
      758) Lara Frerking, Los Angeles, CA
      759) Katherine Thomas, Dallas, TX
      760) Monica Moon, Northumberland, PA
      761) Laurie Walters, Atlanta, GA
      762) Lindsay Smith, Avondale Estates, GA
      763) Lucy Newton, Atlanta, GA
      764) Melanie Szlucha, Atlanta, GA
      765) Clarissa Johnson, Atlanta, GA
      766) Carol Wyatt, Atlanta, GA
      767) David Daly, Athens, GA
      768) Ben Sloop, Cambridge, MA
      769) Amanda Lanier, Davidson, NC
      770) Joe Gardner, Davidson, NC
      771) Cristy Langan, Oak Park, IL
      772) Kevin Langan, Eatontown, N.J.
      773) Sally Wolf, Eatontown, N.J.
      774) Linda Brovsky, New York, NY
      775) Betsy Baiker, New York, NY
      776) Michael Kamen, Sarasota ,Florida
      777) Doreen Ringer Ross, Los Angeles, CA
      778) Jack Elliott
      779) Michael A Lang, Studio City, CA
      780) Frank Wolf, L.A., Ca.
      781) David Schwartz Pac.Pal. CA
      782) Jeff H. Kaufman, Studio City, CA
      783) Eric Allaman, Malibu, CA
      784) Bryan Stillman, San Francisco, CA
      785) David Herman, San Francisco, CA
      786) David Safian, Los Angeles, CA
      787) Tim Hawley, Los Angeles, CA
      788) Johnny Buzzerio, Glendale , CA
      789) Elizabeth Moore, Los Angeles, CA
      790) Michael J. Dill, Los Angeles, CA
      791) April Hazen, Los Angeles, CA
      792) Marie Cardenas, Los Angeles, CA
      793) Larry Johnson, Los Angeles, CA
      794) Jennifer Homer, Los Angeles, CA
      795) Michael Glass, Los Angeles, CA
      798) Catherine Lorenz, Los Angeles, CA
      799) Anne Ellegood, New York City
      800) Dan Cameron, New York City
      801) Mary Cameron, Auburn, AL
      802) Scott Peek-Waverly Alabama
      803) Kyes Stevens, New York City and Waverly, Alabama
      804) J. B. Wilson, San Francisco, CA
      805) TF Roehrman, San Francisco, CA
      806) Randall K. Lum, Costa Mesa, CA
      807) Thom Rivera, Ashland, OR
      808) Teresa Arriaga, San Francisco, CA
      809) David Logan, San Francisco, CA
      810) Steve Payonzeck, San Francisco, CA
      811) Brian Tortora, Venice, CA
      812) Laura Crosta Tortora, Venice, CA
      813) Aaron Bowen, Los Angeles, CA
      814) Tamara Dorman, Los Angeles, CA
      815) Brett Cook, New York, NY
      816) Helen K. Svane, Norway
      817) Kathleen Johnstone, San Francisco,ca
      819) Elizabeth McNeil, Washington, DC
      820) Rick Parsons, Denver, CO
      821) Rachel Stein, Portland, OR
      822) Philip Drazek, Albuquerque, NM
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