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  • Christine Chumbler
    What? No pictures? And speaking of holiday letters, mine is attached. ... hey y all. deb here. well, we never did do w day last year, so i guess it s about
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 17, 2003
      What? No pictures?

      And speaking of holiday letters, mine is attached.

      >>> wiserd@... 12/17/03 4:57 PM >>>
      hey y'all. deb here. well, we never did do w day last year, so i guess it's about time. since i have to go to work in five minutes, i'm just gonna cut and paste in our holiday news letter. sorry for the duplicates.
      anyone due for a trip down south? we'll be heading up the east coast for a month this summer. will need cheap places to crash.

      btw, i am afraid our address list is terribly out of date. if you've moved in the past two years, please send us a new address! d

      Greeting to all! Thought we’d take this time to thank you all for being a part of our lives. For many of you, our paths do not cross often enough. For that we are sad. Life’s joys and sorrows are meant to be shared. Let’s do better! For others, our crossing paths are often cluttered by the hurry-scurry of the daily grind. Help us remember to take it down a notch- relax and enjoy.
      The year started off on a sad note- we had to put Isaac (our dog) to sleep. He had bone cancer. We were just trying to keep him comfortable, but when he went after Ben one day we knew the end was here. Ben still talks about the vet making "Eyes" better so he can come back to play. "I really miss my good orange dog."
      We were happy that the gods of time, kwacha and babysitters were in line for us to go to Ken Shockley’s wedding in Wisconsin. It was great to see old friends again. Seems like only yesterday… It was also great to be able to drive across the country without having to listen to Barney’s Favorite Hits even ONCE!
      Early this summer Deb had a hysterectomy to solve some pain issues related to endometriosis. Before the surgery she was on menopause-inducing drugs to shrink her endometrial tissue. Boy- that was a treat! Actually, other than a few hot flashes and a couple of unexpected tongue-lashings at unsuspecting customer service type folks, the menopause thing wasn’t too bad. The operation was smooth as silk, and Rand was a great dad/cook/nurse/housekeeper during recovery. Of course, a month after the operation Ben said, " I think I’m ready to have a baby brother now." Too late, little friend! Thanks to Deb’s whole family who hired a maid to make this place shine before she came home. HINT: For sick people, maids are better than flowers. Try it some time!
      Over the summer we had some great mini-vacations. Chattanooga is a great place to go with kids- the aquarium, DUCK boats, fountains, wow! What a ball. We also went to Myrtle Beach. I know you guys without kids are thinking "ewwww!" But our fam had a blast. Beach, pools, amusement parks, fun!
      Then along came August. School. Deb is teaching at our neighborhood preschool five days a week- three year old kids- including Ben and seven friends. Most days are awesome! All of the kids are sweeties, and the parents are very supportive. Speaking of school, Ben is already reading. No, not just recognizing his letters, but reading books- the Sunday paper- everything! It’s really amazing. You kind of have to see it to believe it. He surprises people all the time. He also knows all of his states and capitals, planets, triple digit numbers, etc…. I could go on and on, being the proud mommy and all, but I’ll spare you. Rand is still enjoying teaching at Ben Franklin. He teaches math and science and helps coach the cross-country team.
      Nights are the same as last year. Deb is still schlepping steaks at Longhorn Steakhouse four nights a week while Rand plays Mr. Mom. It’s awesome that the fellas get their bonding time in.
      Rand has started running half marathons this fall, and is working his way toward a whole. We joined our local YMCA- free babysitting while you exercise (or sit in the Jacuzzi). Deb’s been going for the treadmill at 6 A.M. most days, and it helps her be able to run after those three-year-olds!
      Peace to all-
      Ben’s Quotable Quotes of the Year:
      - The mosquitoes licked the bug spray off me so they could bite me.I like to whisper soft, so I drink soft drinks to help me whisper softly.Mom, let’s play staple gun!What’s "on tap"? What’s "off tap"?Do horses like horseradish?(Standing on the scale) One forty zero? That sucks! Rand: Ben, you’ve got it backwards.
      Ben: No daddy, you’ve got it forwards.

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      From: Vyrle Owens
      Sent: Dec 10, 2003 12:30 AM
      To: ujeni@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [ujeni] News

      9 December 2003

      Dear all,

      Just a bit of personal news and a question.

      News: We just learned that our son Josh and his wife will be invited to
      some french speaking country in Africa for Peace Corps service in the
      near future. They both have been medically cleared and are awaiting
      specific information about country and program (Agriculture). Departure
      will be sometime next summer after the end of the spring term.

      Question: Last year about this time the ujeni received a very enjoyable
      series of personal updates. Will this happen again this year?

      Merry Christmas to all,


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