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FW: Peace Corps Director Gaddi Vasquez to resign

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    Fyi. Elizabeth Bell, MPH STOP Activity Unit Polio Eradication Branch Global Immunization Division Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ... effectiveness
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 24, 2003

      Elizabeth Bell, MPH
      STOP Activity Unit
      Polio Eradication Branch
      Global Immunization Division
      Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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      > It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing to you that I have
      > resigned as Director of the Peace Corps effective November 14, 2003. In
      > my resignation letter to President George W. Bush, I wrote, " The
      > Peace Corps is well positioned to expand and achieve even more in the
      > 21st century. In my view, the Peace Corps remains one of the most
      > viable means to train men and women in host countries and do so with
      effectiveness and
      > positive outcomes of which we can be proud."
      > On February 15, 2002, I was privileged to assume the role of Peace
      > Corps Director. The honor and opportunity to lead an agency with such
      > a noble mission has been one of the great highlights of my
      > professional life. During my time as Director, I have met hundreds of
      > Peace Corps Volunteers who are engaged in remarkable work and are
      > advancing the first and second goals of Peace Corps. I have traveled
      > to 24 countries and all 11 recruiting offices and have enjoyed the
      > opportunity to meet and work with exceptional staff who are performing a
      great service in support of the
      > Volunteers' work. I have also had the opportunity to meet RPCVs in many
      > states and appreciate their continuing commitment to advancing the
      > third goal of the Peace Corps. I am confident that the Peace Corps is
      > well positioned to achieve much in the 21st century.
      > Since I have become the Director, the Peace Corps has established
      > programs in nine countries and is poised to grow in the coming years.
      > Much of what has been accomplished is due to the strong partnership
      > between Peace Corps Washington and field staff in the United States
      > and overseas. From recruiters to desk officers and from medical staff
      > to safety and security personnel every man and woman I have met
      > represent the finest of Peace Corps professionals. It has been my
      > honor to serve with each of you.
      > I will always be grateful to President Bush for the high honor and
      > confidence he had in nominating me to serve. Moreover, he has been a
      > strong advocate and proponent of Peace Corps and his continued support
      > throughout his Presidency has been extraordinary.
      > As I prepare to return to California, I will fondly remember the
      > friendships and the support that so many of you have given to me since
      > my first day at Peace Corps. I am proud of what has been accomplished
      > and each of you has made a contribution to that effort. Together we
      > have made a difference, achieved many objectives, and we have created
      > new opportunities for all Americans to serve in the Peace Corps. I
      > thank you for your dedicated service.
      > # # #
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