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Fw: [NPCANews] Addendum to this week's NPCANews posting

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  • Rand Wise
    ... From: Anne Baker Sent: Oct 18, 2003 7:15 PM To: npcanews@smtp.rpcv.org Subject: [NPCANews] Addendum to this week s NPCANews posting News
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      From: Anne Baker <anne@...>
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      Subject: [NPCANews] Addendum to this week's NPCANews posting

      News and information from the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA). Please visit us online at http://www.rpcv.org

      Following the item in this week's NPCANews on a possible series about
      security issues, the Peace Corps asked us to send you this background
      information (see below).

      If you have any comments or questions, please direct them to
      president@... <mailto:president@...>.

      Anne Baker
      Director of Global Education and Technology
      National Peace Corps Association

      >From the Peace Corps:

      Based on numerous discussions with the reporter, we believe the upcoming
      series about Peace Corps by Russell Carollo, which is scheduled to run
      October 26th, will provide a misleading picture of the Peace Corps and
      Peace Corps Volunteer service, particularly with respect to safety and
      security. For example, Mr. Carollo indicated he would print that assaults
      and rapes have substantially increased in recent years. However, the
      facts are that Peace Corps data shows a significant decrease in the rate
      of major sexual assault events over the past six years as this type of
      assault event is down by more than 30 percent since 1997. As NPCA members
      know, Peace Corps has placed and continues to place its highest priority
      on the safety and security of Volunteers. Every Peace Corps director
      beginning with Sargent Shriver has maintained this focus and added
      training, procedures, and systems as region and world circumstances
      change. Utilizing this focus, and through its reporting and tracking
      systems, Peace Corps has achieved great successes in recent years in
      reducing major assault incidents and rapes. Unfortunately, we believe that
      this fact will not be represented in the article. We also understand that
      this story will argue that the world is too dangerous a place for Peace
      Corps Volunteers and will include selected and not representational
      anecdotes and incidents spanning the past 30 plus years. We also have
      great concerns about the intentions of the reporter, who stated to Kevin
      Quigley, among others, after Kevin informed Mr. Carollo of the many
      positive attributes of the Peace Corps, that many others have said the
      same thing. Mr. Carollo further stated that Peace Corps is an agency that
      has had nothing but good stories written about it over the past 40 years.
      He then said he was not interested in these positive remarks; he was
      interested in the problems.

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