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  • Christine Chumbler
    Date: 07/29/2003 Subject: USAID/Zimbabwe: Solicitation for Personal Service Contractor (PSC) Position, HIV/AIDS Program Specialist Type: Personnel Agency
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      Date: 07/29/2003
      Subject: USAID/Zimbabwe: Solicitation for Personal Service Contractor
      (PSC) Position, HIV/AIDS Program Specialist
      Type: Personnel
      Agency Notice Message:

      PERSONNEL EXO/Zimbabwe

      SUBJECT: USAID/Zimbabwe: Solicitation for Personal Service
      Contractor (PSC) Position, HIV/AIDS Program Specialist

      The United States Government, represented by the U.S. Agency for
      International Development (USAID), is seeking applications from
      U.S. Citizens, green card holders or third country nationals
      interested in providing the PSC services described as follows.
      Third Country Nationals may apply but preference will be given
      to US Citizen or green card holders. This solicitation may be
      cancelled at any time due to non-funds availability.

      Basic Function of the Position

      The HIV/AIDS Program Specialist is generally responsible for
      managing and assisting in various capacities in the successful
      implementation of HIV/AIDS Crisis Mitigation activities identified
      below. The HIV/AIDS Program Specialist's primary responsibilities
      for these activities include 1) providing technical inputs into
      ongoing program planning and implementation, 2) ensuring effective
      program financial management and administration, 3) monitoring,
      evaluating and documenting successful program implementation and
      achievement, and 4) maintaining effective communications with and
      oversight of the program's Governmental, NGO, university, private
      sector and other donor partners and stakeholders.

      The market value for this position is GS-13 ($61,251 to $79,629 per
      annum). The period of performance is two years with an option
      to extend, based on performance and funds availability.

      HIV/AIDS Crisis Mitigation Strategic Objective (SO) Duties:

      Under the direction of the HIV/AIDS Team Leader, the HIV/AIDS
      Program Specialist shares responsibility with the HIV/AIDS Team for
      successful achievement of the HIV/AIDS Strategic Objective, and is
      specifically responsible for at least one of three Intermediate
      Results (IR). The HIV/AIDS Program Specialist's major
      responsibilities on the designated IR include working closely with
      the SO Team Leader (TL), other SO Team members and mission office
      staff, the selected SO contractor(s) and/or Cooperating Agencies,
      and other program partners and customers in facilitating and
      monitoring the final design and effective implementation of program
      activities. Specific tasks in this area will be defined following
      award of the procurement mechanism(s) for this SO.

      Other USAID/HIVAIDS Crisis Mitigation Team Duties:

      The HIV/AIDS Program Specialist also serves as a member of the
      USAID staff and the HIV/AIDS Crisis Mitigation Team. As a member of
      the USAID staff, the incumbent is expected to know/learn and
      understand USAID Mission strategy, policy, and procedures. The
      incumbent is expected to know/learn and demonstrate commitment to
      USAID and Mission values.

      As a member of USAID staff and the HIV/AIDS Team, the HIV/AIDS
      Program Specialist will contribute as needed to other USAID and
      Health Team General Management and Administrative Duties, such as:
      USAID Zimbabwe HIVAIDS strategy, program design, management, and
      monitoring and evaluation; program management and administrative
      oversight; promotion of collaboration and coordination among/with
      partners of USAID Zimbabwe (including the MOH, NAC, UN agencies,
      other bilateral agencies, NGOs, Foundations, Community-Based
      Organizations, etc.).

      Other health sector technical activities:

      The HIV/AIDS Program Specialist works with the Health Team Leader
      to provide technical expertise to manage and monitor ongoing USAID
      health sector program activities, including representing the USG
      and/or USAID in Government-Donor-NGO meetings as required. The
      incumbent is also responsible for maintaining effective relations
      with designated program partners, as well as key stakeholders
      involved in health sector activities in Zimbabwe. In addition, the
      incumbent monitors and reports on the status of designated health
      sector activity implementation nationwide, including field visits
      and attending/representing USG/USAID interests at workshops,
      conferences and meetings, with appropriate reporting feedback, as


      In addition to the more general, major duties described above, the
      HIV/AIDS Program Specialist will perform the following specific

      i. remain thoroughly informed about program activities -
      e.g., program goals, purposes, objectives and expected
      results; program design, structure and organization;
      program target areas, beneficiary groups and
      partner organizations; as well as operational plans,
      performance targets and indicators;

      ii. lead, manage, and administer program activities,
      monitoring and evaluating the achievement of program
      objectives and intermediate results by means of
      verifiable performance indicators;

      iii. define program technical assistance needs and
      requirements/arrangements, including commodity and
      requirements, and help manage and monitor implementation
      agreed upon procurements and activities;

      iv. coordinate implementation activities between/among
      partners and with other Mission offices/teams, as
      by maintaining/facilitating communication, conducting
      site/office visits, and identifying/trouble-shooting
      related to program administration and implementation,
      recommending appropriate solutions;

      v. prepare USAID technical, analytical or reporting
      (e.g., Annual Report) and any other
      submissions that may be required;

      vi. identify the need for and prepare modifications to
      strategic and implementation documentation;

      vii. represent USG and USAID/Zimbabwe interests at local,
      and regional meetings, workshops and conferences on both

      program-specific and program - related topics;

      viii. advise partner implementing organizations about
      covering the administration of USAID funds, commodities
      program resources;

      ix. prepare program implementation documents (e.g., MAARDS,
      etc.), as required;

      x. prepare official correspondence, and reports covering
      visits, meetings or other significant program events,

      xi. collect, collate and analyze program-relevant data and
      prepare, oversee and/or assist in the preparation by
      (e.g., program partners, other mission teams, etc.) of
      reports required for program management and
      and performance monitoring and evaluation;

      xii. Manage/administer program-funded grants, cooperative
      agreements and contracts: 1) provide technical
      information/advice regarding planning and
      2) review/clear specific (sub-) grants and
      and modifications thereto; 3) review/approve budget
      submissions and payment vouchers; 4) review progress
      and implementation plans; 5) visit field sites and
      contractor performance; 6) assist in troubleshooting
      implementation issues/problems, and otherwise
      successful contract execution; 7) prepare annual
      performance evaluation reports; and, 8) prepare
      close-out documentation (all as required);

      xiv. represent the USG and USAID, as designated, on various
      bilateral and regional program management structures
      facilitate the effective management and coordination
      program activities;

      xv. facilitate effective program coordination and
      within the program's various teams, and with other
      offices/teams, concerned staff of other USG agencies,
      Zimbabwean and regional program partners, and virtual
      members from other USAID operating units;

      xvi. manage program-funded strategic assessments, audits and

      evaluations; review findings with mission management and

      team members and concerned program partners, implement
      corrective actions, and ensure that audit
      are finalized/implemented;

      xvii. liaise with other donor organizations supporting
      related program activities to ensure effective
      sector and program-specific coordination; and,

      xviii. perform any other Office duties as may be assigned by
      the Health Team Leader.

      The Contractor will need to obtain a Class 1A Medical Clearance
      (as defined by the Department of State Medical Unit) prior to
      service overseas, and must obtain a secret security clearance.

      Please contact Ashleigh Appel or Tendai Sirewu in the Human
      Resources Division for more information and questions on this

      TELEPHONE NUMBER: (263) 04-252401/252590 Ext. 235 or Ext. 256
      FAX NUMBER: (263) 04-252592/252478
      E-MAIL ADDRESS: aappel@... or tsirewu@...

      Qualified individuals are requested to submit:
      For PSCs, Optional Form 612 (available at the USAID website),
      or internet http://fillform.gsa.gov or at Federal offices).

      OPEN: July 30, 2003 CLOSE: August 27, 2003

      Point of Contact: Any question ceoncerning this Notice may
      be directed to Ashleigh Appel, Human Resources Specialist,
      USAID/Zimbabwe, (263) 04-251012/251238, aappel@....
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