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JOB ANNOUNCEMENT -- Nature Conservancy

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  • Kristen E Cheney
    Of interest??? Happy Memorial Day! KC *************************************************** Directors of Philanthropy The Nature Conservancy Location: US WE ARE
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      Of interest???

      Happy Memorial Day!

      Directors of Philanthropy

      The Nature Conservancy

      Location: US




      Since 1951, The Nature Conservancy ("Conservancy") has been working with communities, businesses and individuals to protect more than 92
      million acres around the world. The mission of the Conservancy is to preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive. Employing scientific, systematic analysis staff of the Conservancy identify places large enough in scale and rich enough in plant and animal species to ensure meaningful conservation results and call these areas the Last Great Places. At each place a range of strategies are tailored to local circumstances including buying land, helping other landowners manage their properties, facilitating public-private partnerships, and/or engaging the business community.

      Over the past 50 years, as part of the awakening environmental movement, the Conservancy has led the way in championing biodiversity
      conservation –giving definition and purpose to the concept and, along the way motivating others to action as well. The founders of the
      Conservancy had at the time the revolutionary notion of acquiring private land as a means of protecting it. This led to the creation of the Land Preservation Fund, a revolving quick-strike fund dedicated to securing lands at risk. The success of this effort in turn helped fuel the local land trust movement. Today there are more than 1,200 land trusts in the United States.

      Partnerships are a key component to the Conservancy’s strategy. Initially the focus was on working with public agencies, acquiring
      lands and then transferring them to those agencies to be permanently managed as parks, wildlife refuges and natural areas. More recently
      the Conservancy has created partnerships with corporations. For example, Minnesota-based 3M extended its 18-year collaboration with the Conservancy with at $5.15 million gift for land conservation in Minnesota and Texas. The success of the Conservancy’s approach
      is evidenced by recent ranking in the Chronicle of Philanthropy as the 10th largest charity in the country.

      In the largest private conservation campaign ever undertaken, The  Nature Conservancy will invest $1.25 billion in saving 200 of the world's Last Great Places. As of October, 2002, $1.15 billion has been raised. Through The Campaign for Conservation, the Conservancy created a blueprint entitled Conservation by Design that will guide conservation work and establish priorities for years to come. This blueprint identifies the sites and actions necessary to protect biodiversity over the long term. To begin translating this vision into on-the-ground results, immediate action will be taken with local partners at high-priority sites in the United States, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific.

      The Conservancy's core source of support comes from donations from individuals, foundation and corporations. While the drop in financial markets impacted the income derived from endowments and other investments, support from these other areas grew 10% over the previous year. Given the ongoing loyalty and commitment of individual donors, the Conservancy is placing a growing emphasis on solicitation and cultivation of major individual donors. The Conservancy also recognizes that donors have multiple interests and can support efforts outside of their own communities. With this in mind, the fundraising goals are divided into three major areas: capital campaign, annual/operating funds and One Conservancy goals. The One Conservancy goal encourages philanthropy staff to understand and embrace the global efforts of the Conservancy, which translates into marketing
      opportunities to support the organization beyond the donor's immediate community.

      STATE PROGRAMS:  MISSOURI (St. Louis based), IDAHO (Sun Valley based),
      NEVADA (Reno based) and WASHINGTON (Seattle based)

      The Director of Philanthropy lead a comprehensive major gifts program in our state chapters. Reporting to the State Director, the Director will build on existing fundraising activities to create and implement strategies for the cultivation and solicitation of a portfolio of major gift prospects, including corporate, foundation and/or individual donors. Additionally, the Director of Philanthropy will oversee the continuation of the capital campaign. Goals are established annually for the capital campaign, operations and annual fund.

      The Director will be responsible for cultivating a solid working relationship with the Advisory Board demonstrated by the Board’s continued involvement in fundraising efforts. Over time, this individual must be able to convey a proficient understanding of the Conservancy’s mission. The Director will demonstrate an ability to recognize ways to meaningfully engage a range of constituents in the Conservancy’s work.

      This person will discuss assets proficiently and will be able to identify opportunities for gifts of assets or other non-cash gifts, such as planned gifts and trade lands. The Director will provide opportunities for donors to receive recognition and increase future giving opportunities. Additionally, the Director will effectively engage appropriate conservation staff in the field and staff at the Worldwide Office of The Nature Conservancy and will keep them apprised of interactions, issues or concerns.

      The Director will support and recommend appropriate usage of the State Director and Board’s time. Additionally, this person will initially manage a staff of six including a senior associate director of philanthropy, two associate directors of philanthropy, donor relations manager and two assistants. As the Chapter grows, the expectations will be to create three philanthropy teams comprised of an associate director of philanthropy, donor relations manager and assistant. Finally the Director will comply with all Conservancy gift-related policies and procedures and will ensure ethical
      compliance as defined the Association for Fundraising Professionals.

      For more information or to apply, please contact:
      Heather Hotchkiss
      Sr. Staffing Consultant
      The Nature Conservancy

      hhotchkiss@...  (Reference: DevNetJobs.org)

      Please include position and location information in your subject heading.  The Nature Conservancy is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

      Thank you for your continuing support of conservation and the preservation of biological diversity.

      Kristen Cheney
      Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology
      University of California at Santa Cruz
      Social Sciences I Faculty Services
      1156 High Street
      Santa Cruz, CA 95064

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