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The winner is bin Laden

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  • Kristen E Cheney
    Thought you might be interested in the commentary in the Ugandan New Vision newspaper. KC ********************************* The winner is bin Laden 2c4fc0.jpg
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2003
      Thought you might be interested in the commentary in the Ugandan New Vision newspaper.

      The winner is bin Laden

      LOVELESS MUSKETEERS: George Bush of the USA, Osama Bin Laden of Al Qaeda, and Saddam Hussein of Iraq

      ON CAPITAL FM on Tuesday night, the converted Shadow asked who is the winner in Iraq, Saddam or Bush?

      The answer is neither; the winner is Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden hated both the Great Satan and the heretical Saddam. Now he has succeeded in getting them to destroy each other.

      When he attacked the World Trade Centre 18 months ago, the whole world feared that the USA would indulge in a kneejerk act of revenge against the Muslim world. Instead, Bush and the USA gave a controlled response.

      They provided convincing evidence that bin Laden and al-Qaeda were responsible and that they were being hosted by the Taliban government in Afghanistan. They secured an international consensus to depose the Taliban with support from Iraq, Iran and many other Arab governments. Bin Laden eluded capture but he had been marginalised.

      He had failed in his primary task of precipitating a global Islamic backlash against American hegemony.

      Now bin Laden has succeeded. For whatever reason, whether in pursuit of oil or revenge for 9/11, the reckless adventurism of the Bush administration in Iraq has turned the Arab and Muslim world fiercely against the USA and Britain. Every day that the Marines remain in Iraq further reveals the hollowness of their agenda.

      No weapons of mass destruction have been found. There has been no popular uprising. And in the end, the Americans will resort to former Baaathist officials to run their interim administration because they are the only Iraqi technocrats available.

      What was the point?

      The only beneficiary is bin Laden. American credibility is ruined. Bush has brought that global revolt against the USA one step closer.

      Published on: Thursday, 10th April, 2003

      Kristen Cheney
      Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology
      University of California at Santa Cruz
      Social Sciences I Faculty Services
      1156 High Street
      Santa Cruz, CA 95064

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