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The Great Guesthouse Debate continues...

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    Hello everyone, Thought the below from Peace Corps Online might be interesting to those of you who remember the heated guesthouse debates in the mid 90 s,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2003

      Hello everyone,


      Thought the below from Peace Corps Online might be interesting to those of you who remember the heated "guesthouse" debates in the mid 90's, not sure what the status is now in Malawi with that.





      Peace Corps responds to parents' concerns about Guest

      Houses in Guinea


      Read the memo from Henry McKoy, Peace Corps' Africa Region

      Director, on the plan to reconfigure the Guest Houses in Guinea.

      Regional houses currently have an Information Resource Center, a

      sick room, a kitchen, living room, bedrooms that sleep 15-20

      Volunteers, phone and radio communications, 24-hour guard

      service, and a vehicle and driver. The new Regional facilities

      will retain everything that is currently found in the Regional

      houses except the dormitory facilities. The Country Director has

      researched safe lodging options in hotels and hostels in the

      Regional capitals and has determined that these accommodations

      are better suited for volunteers' needs.


      However parents of some PCVs think it is a big mistake and are

      sending letters to the Peace Corps and to their Senators and

      Congressmen urging them to intervene.


      The question of Guest Houses is an old one that goes back in

      Peace Corps history for at least 35 years. Remember in 1965 when

      Peace Corps Director Jack Vaughn had to travel to Nigeria for two

      weeks to meet with restless volunteers, some of whom were

      threatening a sit-down strike because the Peace Corps was closing

      down the hostels it had been operating for volunteer's

      convenience and clamping down on the use of motorbikes. The story

      is in the Peace Corps classic "Keeping Kennedy's Promise" by C.

      Payne Lucas and Kevin Lowther and the "Peace Corps Volunteer"

      magazine devoted a special issue at the time to Vaughn's trip and

      his meetings with volunteers where he simply told them that the

      Peace Corps should not be in the hotel business. Read the story

      and leave your comments at:




      Elizabeth Bell, MPH

      STOP Activity Unit

      Polio Eradication Branch

      Global Immunization Division

      Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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