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More Info on Dr. Hager

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  • Luz Huntington
    Here is some more info related to the email about Women s Health and Dr. Hager that Liz Bell sent out last week. I did call as was suggested in the last email.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2003
      Here is some more info related to the email about Women's Health and Dr.
      Hager that Liz Bell sent out last week. I did call as was suggested in the
      last email. This stuff scares the hell out of me.


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      >Dear Everyone,
      >Here is a copy of a Time magazine article announcing President Bush's
      >intention to appoint W. David Hager, author of "As Jesus Cared for
      >Women: Restoring Women Then and Now", as head of the FDA panel on
      >women's health.
      >Doesn't sound like a hoax to me.
      >Jesus and the FDA
      >Saturday, Oct. 05, 2002
      >A quiet battle is raging over the Bush Administration's plan to appoint
      >a scantily credentialed doctor, whose writings include a book titled As
      >Jesus Cared for Women: Restoring Women Then and Now, to head an
      >influential Food and Drug Administration (FDA) panel on women's health
      >policy. Sources tell Time that the agency's choice for the advisory
      >panel is Dr. W. David Hager, an obstetrician-gynecologist who also
      >wrote, with his wife Linda, Stress and the Woman's Body, which puts "an
      >emphasis on the restorative power of Jesus Christ in one's life" and
      >recommends specific Scripture readings and prayers for such ailments as
      >headaches and premenstrual syndrome. Though his resume describes Hager
      >as a University of Kentucky professor, a university official says
      >Hager's appointment is part time and voluntary and involves working
      >with interns at Lexington's Central Baptist Hospital, not the
      >university itself. In his private practice, two sources familiar with
      >it say, Hager refuses to prescribe contraceptives to unmarried women.
      >Hager did not return several calls for comment.
      >FDA advisory panels often have near-final say over crucial health
      >questions. If Hager becomes chairman of the 11-member Reproductive
      >Health Drugs Advisory Committee, he will lead its study of
      >hormone-replacement therapy for menopausal women, one of the biggest
      >controversies in health care. Some conservatives are trying to use
      >doubts about such therapy to discredit the use of birth-control pills,
      >which contain similar compounds. The panel also made the key
      >recommendation in 1996 that led to approval of the "abortion pill,"
      >RU-486´┐Ża decision that abortion foes are still fighting. Hager assisted
      >the Christian Medical Association last August in a "citizens' petition"
      >calling upon the FDA to reverse itself on RU-486, saying it has
      >endangered the lives and health of women.
      >Hager was chosen for the post by FDA senior associate commissioner
      >Linda Arey Skladany, a former drug-industry lobbyist with longstanding
      >ties to the Bush family. Skladany rejected at least two nominees
      >proposed by FDA staff members: Donald R. Mattison, former dean of the
      >University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health, and Michael F.
      >Greene, director of maternal- fetal medicine at Massachusetts General
      >Hospital. Despite pressure from inside the FDA to make the appointment
      >temporary, sources say, Skladany has insisted that Hager get a full
      >four-year term. FDA spokesman Bill Pierce called Hager "well qualified."
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