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Re: Palau trip

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  • reysampaga <rsampaga@comcast.net>
    Wow pcpaul!! Way to go. Ever since we returned stateside we vowed never to take life for granted again because even life s everyday experiences are beautiful
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 6, 2003
      Wow pcpaul!! Way to go.
      Ever since we returned stateside we vowed never to take life for
      granted again because even life's everyday experiences are beautiful
      and a gift. But we sometimes do take things for granted.
      But also sometimes, there are things and people that inspire. A
      song perhaps. Your adventure, definitely.
      I was going to say something about my typical day but I'm happy with
      it. Yours--I will aspire to.
      Salaamat Pare.

      --- In ujeni@yahoogroups.com, "Paul DEVER" <pcpaul@h...> wrote:
      > I was recently selected to be the Chargé d'Affaires in Palau while
      > current Chargé d'Affaires a.i. was an a conference out of
      country. I
      > thought you might enjoy these recaps of work and leisure.
      > Wow....should I tell you about the Rock Islands, or about the
      thousands of
      > pretty fish, or the kayak ride or jumping from a cliff, or taking
      > from the Japanese pillboxes, looking at a sunken Zero, or seeing
      the giant
      > clams (3 feet wide), or the 100 types of coral, or meeting the
      President of
      > the Republic of Palau...
      > Hmm, well I guess all of them, how is that??????
      > My plane ride was nothing to write home about so I won't...heh,
      > checked into the hotel, and went to walk on the beach. It is a
      > beach, but you wouldn't know it...apparently they had to import
      the sand.
      > It is a nice beach.
      > I met with the current charge and we discussed various topics,
      > special. Then we parted, and I went to read into the wee hours of
      > night. I woke up at 6, having placed a call to Sam's Tours to
      pick me up
      > and go off on one of their tours. I chose the Nikko Bay Tour.
      > involves kayaking around, and snorkeling and looking at various
      sunken war
      > relics, and then eating lunch, and looking at more treasures.
      > I am more of a fish person than a coral person, so as pretty as
      the corals
      > were, I got more out of the pretty fish. So I got ready and
      waited and
      > waited in the lobby, and then thought that it was like every other
      country I
      > had visited in the last fifteen years: time is relative. No, that
      was not
      > the problem. The person on the other end of the phone had not
      told me to
      > meet at the dock. So the boat guy came and grabbed me.
      > Four of us got on the boat with a guide. We were a couple of
      pilots and a
      > guy from Continental Airways. We got everything straightened out,
      and we
      > were on our merry way. We were dropped off to do some snorkeling
      (there are
      > lots of places to snorkel), and then we hopped into the kayaks,
      and kayaked
      > around. It was much like going out with my dad in the canoe in
      > Tobesofkee. But this time I had to do all the paddling. It was
      fun, and we
      > saw all sorts of coral, and learned about how coral grow, how they
      > their own little DMZs, and their on ways of taking over species.
      > I got more of a kick out of seeing the fishes: all colors, and all
      sizes and
      > shapes. If I can find a book of fish, I will scan them and send
      > out...very nice, but the only book I saw so far was for $65, and
      as much as
      > I want to share the photos with you all, it ain't THAT much...
      > We went into a small cave that was filled with bats, and guano...I
      > smelled worse, but I have also smelled better. I prefer better.
      I got a
      > few pictures, picked the bats off my shirt, and we continued. All
      in all a
      > good start to the day.
      > The guide (Butler) took us to a few Japanese landing tracks that
      had landed
      > in the wrong place. We also saw a 20mm cannon that they had tried
      to drag
      > up a hill using Chinese POWs as labor, but they had dropped it one
      too many
      > times in the water, and their it stayed.
      > According to Butler, the Japanese occupied much of Micronesia and
      > established pillbox outposts all over the islands. We saw two or
      three of
      > them. I took a few pictures and we shall together see if they
      came out.
      > We then stopped at the pillbox that had some Japanese written in
      it (they
      > also left thousands of saki bottles around, so I know what they
      were doing
      > when offduty) and had lunch.
      > We climbed back down the hill, back into the kayaks and saw
      another landing
      > track. Then we kayaked again and saw more coral (Is it possible
      to see TOO
      > MUCH coral??? I think so, but others might disagree), and went to
      > Lake. Not sure why it is called that, but it is...You get to it,
      > snorkeling into it, since the opening is not big enough for a
      kayak when the
      > tide is coming in, and it was.
      > It was nice: pristine, unbothered by human hands, and almost
      enclosed when
      > the tide is all the way in...It was Paradise, but no McDonald's or
      > JollyBee's. I saw more coral, and a few cool looking fish...
      > We then stopped at Cathedral Cave, and saw some nice stalagmites
      > stalactites, whichever grown down). From there we were able to
      dive off a
      > high-rise. I did it three times, and got my picture (as well as
      > doing it. I will show to those who are interested. I hope it
      comes out, I
      > reached maximum velocity pretty quickly...and I think I might have
      an ear
      > infection, but Bahala Na!!!!!!!!!!!!!, i.e. Zimatchatika!
      > End of Chapter One...
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