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  • Weber
    Thanks John for forwarding the email to encourage us to write for inclusion of Malawi in AIDS funding....and the web sites are good to have. I heard a program
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2003
      Thanks John for forwarding the email to encourage us to write for inclusion of Malawi in AIDS funding....and the web sites are good to have.
      I heard a program on public radio last week where both Republican and Democratic Congressmen were encouraging people to contact their own Congressmen and Senators to support the AIDS funding package.  Though the President talked about the increased funding it is not a done deal.  It is included in the 2004 budget package that Congress is receiving today, I think, and now the budget balancing struggle...the political tug-of-war... begins.   If all items stay in the deficit will be huge.   So this item needs public support.  It will be vying  with other well supported items that may be considered for cuts!
      There was what I thought was a good suggestion from a Kenyan woman who phoned in to the program about use of the money to fund the building of factories to produce generic drugs.  One of the program's expert guests said that 3 sites are being considered and that funding those instead of using the money for direct provision of drugs could greatly increase the number of people who could receive treatment.
      One very significant thing that one of the Congressmen said was that, of course, this is a humanitarian issue but that there is another probably more realistic political reason that the President proposed it and that will get it some bipartisan support.  If Africa deteriorates into political chaos as AIDS claims the lives of the educated and educators there is a greater chance that it will become a breeding ground for terrorism.
      I saw a quote also from a Washington Post editorial that made it to our local paper called Tough love in foreign aid...
      "In the long term, a wealthier, more politically stable developing world is a safer world - and a world less likely to produce the terrorists and rogue states of the future."     Wouldn't it be nice if some good for Africa came out of all of this present fear?
      I'm personally a little offended by reason number 4 in what John forwarded and wonder about the advisability of using it in lobbying for Malawi.  Obviously it does speak to the issue of the present U.S. fears of terrorism.  However, Malawi also has a good Muslim community, Christian communities who feel oppressed resort to terrorism, and I do know that not all of my representatives are Christian. 
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      I got the following from a friend and am sharing this with you all:
      You may have seen the following information about President Bush's efforts to fight aids in Africa. We applaud what he is doing, but we will deeply disappointed when we realized that Malawi is not included on the list of nations to be helped, in spite of the facts that (1) we are planning to help every nation about tiny Malawi, (2) Malawi has as serious an aids problem as any of the other nations around them, (3) We have been advised that Malawi is the most pro-American nation in the region, (4) Malawi has one of the highest numbers of Christian professing people per capita of any nation on earth.

      The following nations are listed, but as you will notice the plan includes every nation around Malawi BUT ignores tiny Malawi.

      "The nations targeted by the initiative include: Botswana, Cote
      d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Guyana, Haiti, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria,
      Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia."

      Will you kindly consider clicking to the links below and writing to your representative and to the president and please ask them to make sure Malawi is included in the aid plans for the future.




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