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another late 'B'

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  • Eric Bone
    I was still on my Thanksgiving travels for B day and missed it. Here s my belated report. This is my fifth year at Brandeis University (outside Boston) in
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2002
      I was still on my Thanksgiving travels for 'B' day and missed it. Here's
      my belated report.

      This is my fifth year at Brandeis University (outside Boston) in the math
      PhD program. I am working on a dissertation in number theory with
      applications to cryptography. I have a lot of incentive to finish this as
      soon as possible, so I hope to graduate in May.

      1.5 years and 6 days ago I married Jacqui Ahn, RPCV Hungary (95-97) and
      Western Russia (97-98). She finished her graduate degrees in business and
      international relations in May. The ensuing job search proved difficult,
      and in October she finally was offered and accepted a position -- in San
      Francisco. She now works for a company called Upwardly Global which helps
      immigrants continue in their professions in the US. For more info, the
      website is www.upwardlyglobal.org. If you click on "Our Team," you can see
      her biography which I had a hand in writing.

      So now we live on opposite coasts, and I plan to move to San Francisco as
      soon as I finish my degree.

      Jacqui and I travelled in eastern and southern Africa for 10 weeks for the
      honeymoon, including 3 weeks in Malawi. Though she is an RPCV, she was not
      happy to experience all the difficulties of African travel on her
      honeymoon, including a particulary onerous crossing from Tanzania to Malawi
      at Songwe. A few people have heard that story, and how dangerously close
      we came to divorce on the honeymoon.

      And as on the bottom of a resume, I'll list my current interests. When not
      exploring the cryptographic properties of elliptic curves over finite
      fields, I can be found playing ultimate frisbee, taking martial arts
      lessons, and singing in a choir. If you like choral music of a variety of
      styles and are in the Boston area, check out our website at

      I look forward to the rest of the personal updates.

      -Eric Bone
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