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March at UN for Malawi

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  • susan umstot
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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2002
      > Hey all,
      > I'm forwarding this letter from Jason Price, RPCV
      > Malawi. Come join in if you can.
      > I would like to invite you to march to protest
      > Malawian President's Bakili Muluzi's bid to rewrite
      > the Malawian constitution and serve a third term as
      > president of Malawi. Protesters will march to the UN
      > headquarters in New York City on November 22, 2002.
      > The event has been organized by a number of Malawian
      > expatriates currently living in the United States
      > who
      > are appalled by the corruption of the Muluzi
      > administration and its residual affects on the
      > nation's population, namely starvation.
      > Recently President Muluzi has re-introduced a
      > campaign
      > to rewrite the Malawian constitution in order to
      > serve
      > for another presidential term. He has imprisoned
      > political opponents (one a dear friend to some of us
      > -Danga Mughogho) and introduced legislation limiting
      > freedom of speech.
      > Such are the motives for this march which will begin
      > at 10 am at 600 East 3rd St in NYC (the Malawian
      > Mission to the UN) and proceed to the UN
      > Headquarters.
      > Ms. Selina Mkandawire, the event's organizer, - a
      > nurse from NJ whose husband is in an opposition MP -
      > is very much hoping to "see lots of bodies." So
      > please
      > do your best to attend or encourage friends in the
      > area to make an appearance.
      > Feel free to contact me with any questions.
      > Regards, Jason.
      > from Selina Mkandawire:
      > "On 11/8/02 I went to see the police at Number 17
      > Pricing at about 4:00 pm. We are cleared for the
      > March on 11/22/02 startting at 10:00 am at 600 E 3rd
      > avenue whre the mission to the Unetd Nations is. We
      > will set up the posters and rally the best we could
      > be. At 12 noon we will read the Protest letter to
      > the
      > (accidently deleted the rest of the
      > sentence out)
      > to the UN wher we will rally again. Tools: we
      > will
      > use the loud speaker to make enough good very loud
      > noise, such that all people will cleary hear our
      > plight. (I just have to book the park in front of
      > the
      > UN). We will have police escort in all these
      > activities. At 2:30 pm we will close in prayer for
      > our country at hte UN park.. Then we may all eat
      > together at one of the resonable restaurants near
      > the
      > UN. I understand some Indian restaurant will be
      > our
      > choice mainly for reasonable prices. Or we may
      > choose
      > to go our ways. What can I say, it is a free
      > world.
      > So the protest is on big time. Every Malawian that
      > remembers the horrar of Dictatorship, and for all
      > the
      > people that died for the cause, let us respect them
      > by
      > comming out to Protest Third Term, or whatever he
      > may
      > call it, we are sure, we do not want DICTATORSHIP
      > ever
      > again.
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