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FW: CORE Malaria Coordinator Position

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    FYI. ... From: Lynette Walker [mailto:LWalker@worldvision.org] Sent: Friday, October 11, 2002 7:15 PM To: eib6@cdc.gov; mfrancisco@usaid.gov;
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      Subject: CORE Malaria Coordinator Position

      Please pass on to anyone you think might be interested.

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      Karen LeBan

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      cc: Lynette
      Subject: CORE Malaria
      Coordinator Position

      Hi. We've received quite a number of CVs for the CORE Malaria Coordinator
      Position but haven't yet identified the perfect candidate. Perhaps someone
      known to your agency might be the perfect fit. It's quite an exciting
      position for CORE's largest working group plan.

      We are looking for someone who:
      * has community-level MCH field experience, preferably some malaria
      * knows and understands the PVO / NGO world and role
      * has field experience in Africa and preferably speaks some French
      * is well organized, energetic and self-directed
      * has experience working with USAID and/or WHO
      * could be seconded from your organization to CORE

      It's ok if the person is not an expert in malaria or does not have a lot of
      experience in malaria, as long as the person is a quick learner.

      If you can recommend anyone from the job, please let me know and I'll be
      happy to follow up. Thanks, Karen

      (See attached file: Malaria Coor-JDdraft.doc)

      Karen LeBan
      Executive Director
      The CORE Group
      220 "I" Street NE
      Washington, D.C. 20002
      (202) 608-1830
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