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FW: OGH Vacancy Announcement

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    In case you are interested or know anyone who might be (not sure if Peace Corps counts as being a federal employee).... Liz ... From: Allen, Gay Sent: Monday,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2002
      FW: OGH Vacancy Announcement

      In case you are interested or know anyone who might be (not sure if Peace Corps counts as being a federal employee)....


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      From: Allen, Gay
      Sent: Monday, October 07, 2002 8:11 AM
      To: O'Meara, Gabrielle; Ramirez, Azlin; Bell, Elizabeth
      Subject: FW: OGH Vacancy Announcement

          The Office of Global Health is recruiting for a Public Health Analyst, GS-685-12/13, to work with Robert Morris on global operations issues.  The vacancy announcement (MP2-03-010) opened 10/4 and closes 10/18.  The position is open to all current or former Federal employees.  A short description of the duties follows.  Please share this info with persons who may be interested in applying for this position.  Thanks, Doris

          Incumbent evaluates the results of research or guidance from the Department to determine the effect on operations within the incumbent's program assignment. Reviews legislation, develops strategies and approaches for program implementation, and prepares issue and policy papers and regulations. Reviews and evaluates public health programs resulting in recommendations or decisions for program strategies, modifications, or improvements. Promotes public health programs by stimulating activity and providing leadership to agencies and organizations in the development, extension, and improvement of their health care systems, strategies, and services. This involves such activities as analyzing existing or proposed systems, strategies, services, or other health-related matters; identifying needs for improvement, and the methods and resources to accomplish such improvement; providing this information to client agencies and organizations; persuading them to take appropriate action; and, providing guidance in developing and implementing the plans of action. Acts as liaison with policy-level officials within the agency to ensure that the Department views and interests are promoted with respect to current and emerging policy issues, and that those views are taken into consideration in policy development and implementation. Serves as the representative at a variety of high-level national meetings on program issues.

          Doris P. Riggs, Chief

          International Services Unit

          CDC Office of Global Health

          Tel (404) 639-7458

          Fax (404) 639-7769

          Email DRiggs@...

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