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family planning job announcement

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  • Christine Chumbler
    SUBJECT: Solicitation for a Personal Services Contractor (USPSC) - Acting SO Team Leader and Family Planning Advisor, USAID/Zimbabwe The United States
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      SUBJECT: Solicitation for a Personal Services Contractor (USPSC)
      - Acting SO Team Leader and Family Planning Advisor,

      The United States Government, represented by the U.S. Agency for
      International Development (USAID) Zimbabwe and the Regional Urban
      Development Office/Harare is seeking applications (Optional Form
      OF-612 or Standard Form 171) from persons interested in providing
      the PSC services described below. The position is classified at
      the GS-14 equivalent, the duration is for two years subject to


      This position is located in the SO3 "HIV/AIDS Crisis Mitigated"
      office. The USAID/Zimbabwe Strategic Objective 3 (SO3), consists
      of activities in family planning and HIV/AIDS, with some discrete
      activities in health sector/financing reform. SO3's two-pronged
      objectives of 'reduce fertility and increase use of HIV/AIDS
      preventative measures,' has the following associated results:

      Reduce the total fertility rate from 4.3 children per mother in
      1994 to 4.0 in 1999;

      Increase total condom distribution from 40 million per year in 1995
      to 70 million per year in 2001;

      Increase reported condom use in the most recent sexual act of risk
      from 36% of men and women in 1994 to 73% in 2002.

      Increase the percent of men reporting appropriate STD treatment
      seeking behavior.


      The contractor will report directly to The Program Officer.
      Desired results are indicated only in terms of general overall
      objectives. Determination of technical or professional methods
      used is to be exercised at the discretion of the team with
      consultation from other Agency technical experts and under the
      leadership of the Contractor. Work results are reviewed only for
      attainment of objectives and conformance with policies and


      In his/her capacity as acting team leader for SO3, the Contractor
      will oversee and manage the implementation of all USAID-financing
      to the Zimbabwe health sector.

      Ensure the SO3 strategic plan, mission vision, and values are
      communicated to the team and are integrated into its goals,
      objectives, and work.

      Communicate to the SO3 team and mission management all assignments,
      projects, problems to be solved, deadlines, and issues for review.
      Ensure all team members participate in planning team goals and
      objectives. Estimate and report on the team's porgies in meeting

      Coach, facilitate, and negotiate SO3 team activities with team
      members in a manner consistent with the Agents Core Values. Build
      consensus where possible concerning activities to be undertaken and
      the manner in which they are achieved. Coach the team in choosing
      and applying problem solving methods and techniques, and advise
      team members on work methods.

      Plan and schedule SO3 work, including assisting the team in
      setting, distributing, balancing and adjusting tasks and workload
      based on members' skills and professional specialties.

      Assist in assessing SO3 team weaknesses and strengths. Appraise
      performance of individual team members. Ensure that individual
      and teamwork requirements are met, recommend performance standards
      and ratings, recommend training, and approve leave and necessary
      disciplinary action of team members. Resolve simple or informal
      complaints and refer formal grievances or appeals to appropriate
      officials. Intercede with the supervisor on behalf of the team in
      cases of performance problems, or the need for assignments,
      reassignments, promotions, duty changes, reviews.

      Monitor and report on the status of SO3 work to team members and
      mission management. Report on, and keep records of, team and
      individual accomplishments. Represent the SO3 team and convey its
      findings in dealings with other team leaders, program officials,
      the public, partners, and customers.

      Ensure the maintenance of SO3 reference materials, files, and
      background documents. Communicate with the team, policies,
      procedures, and instructions received from senior mission mangers.
      Remain current on Agency policies and directives and explain them
      to team members.

      Participate in preparation of SO3 program documentation including
      strategic plans, Results Review and Resource Requests (R-4),
      Congressional Presentations, and other documents as required.

      Serve as a full member of the mission management team and as such
      maintain continuous contact with high-level officials in the
      Government of Zimbabwe for the purpose of achieving SO3 results.
      In this capacity, advise all relevant counterparts, including but
      not limited to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health
      (MOH), the Director of National AIDS Coordination Program (NACP),
      the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC), and other
      relevant entities on state-of-the-art family planning approaches
      and (in cooperation with the HIV/AIDS technical experts) state of
      the art HIV/AIDS activities. Provide assistance in defining their
      specialized assistance needs. Advise counterparts and implementing
      agencies on the proper administration of USAID funds in accordance
      with USAID regulations.

      Provide policy and technical guidance to implementing partners
      ensuring performance is achieving defined results and objectives.
      Perform all aspects of oversight, programming, management,
      administration, monitoring and evaluation of their activities.
      Travel as needed to monitor in-country activities and maintain
      first-hand knowledge of the status of field activities.

      Assure liaison and consultation with other donors, meeting
      regularly to exchange information on problems, approaches and
      successes. Work closely with donors to avoid duplication of
      efforts and to identify critical gaps in assistance activities.
      Recommend to Mission Director actions or interventions to assure a
      high level of coordination.

      Respond to other Health, Population and Nutrition related requests
      from USAID partners and USAID/Washington.

      Engage appropriate short-term technical assistance in providing
      supplemental or specialized support for SO3 program
      oversight/implementation, as required.

      Serve as the mission's principle technical expert for family
      planning program policy, strategy, and implementation. Provide
      mission management, Zimbabwean counterparts, and other donor
      representatives with technical expertise and policy guidance on US
      Government investment in family planning in Zimbabwe.

      Serve as the principle USAID liaison officer for all matters
      related to family planning programming, including in-depth analysis
      of widely differing data sets for establishing technical policy,
      formulation of strategies, designing new projects/activities,
      managing implementation actions, and other related tasks. Apply
      technical expertise in formulation of policies and strategies to
      achieve USAID and GOP objectives.


      a. EDUCATION: A minimum of post graduate degree in public health
      or a related field is required. Extensive work experience in a
      relevant field of at least ten years can be considered as an
      equivalent to meet the requirements.

      b. PRIOR WORK EXPERIENCE: At least five years work in international
      health with experience in family planning, reproductive health,
      HIV/AIDs is required. Additional work experience is highly
      desirable. Work experience with an international donor agency is
      required and preference will be given to an applicant with prior
      USAID experience. Work experience in the developing world is
      required and preference will be given to applicants with experience
      in Africa.

      c. POST ENTRY TRAINING: Guidance and supervision will be provided
      by the USAID/Zimbabwe Program Officer who previously served as a
      USAID HPN officer.

      Candidate will receive training in use of information technology,
      specifically the software systems currently used by USAID.

      The candidate will be eligible for USAID's Leadership training
      courses, most like the modules related to "results" and program

      Periodic in-service training courses are offered by USAID,
      including training from the Regional Contracting Officer, the
      Mission Project Development Officer and the Regional Legal Officer.

      d. KNOWLEDGE: Technical knowledge of HIV/AIDs prevention and
      behavior change initiatives is required. Comparative experience
      and knowledge of other country programs is highly desirable.

      Knowledge of USAID systems, reengineering, reporting, budget and
      program documentation is highly desirable; while candidates without
      this experience will be considered, applicants who present
      knowledge of USAID are preferred.

      e. SKILLS AND ABILITIES: USAID/Zimbabwe has a team oriented work
      environment and successful applicants must have demonstrated
      commitment and ability to work in team settings with diverse
      membership. The Mission is committed to enhancing the skills of
      its local Zimbabwean employees with the objective of training these
      staff to eventually assume leadership positions in the Mission.

      The incumbent must have highly developed negotiating skills capable
      of dealing with senior government and private sector leaders as
      well as high level representatives of the USG and other donors.
      The incumbent must demonstrate a high degree of initiative and
      ability to build networks and meet professional colleagues in
      related fields.

      As Acting Team Leader, the incumbent must have demonstrated
      management skills capable of handing diverse and multiple tasks

      Field travel will be required from time-to-time but as least
      quarterly. Although Zimbabwe has a well developed infrastructure,
      the incumbent will at times be asked to travel to and stay in
      under-serviced areas where temporary hardships are likely.

      f. SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Incumbent receives supervision from the
      USAID Program Officer.

      Contract Timing: The Contractor shall be available to begin work no
      later than August 15, 1999.

      Salary: This position has been classified for compensation up to
      the level GS-14. Salary will depend upon salary history and
      experience of the successful candidate. The position requires
      significant independence in carrying out the duties described
      above. Therefore the candidate must have strong operational
      skills, ability to provide sound professional advice to senior
      Mission staff, a high degree of tact and judgment, strong
      interpersonal skills and a collaborative work style.


      The selected applicant must be able to obtain USAID security and
      medical clearances.

      BENEFITS: Contractor will receive the following:

      - Salary as stated above;
      - Contribution of FICA (7.65%) and Medicare (1.45%)
      - Contributions of Health of Health and Life insurance in
      accordance with Agency limits;
      - Housing and utilities;
      - Shipment of effects including personal vehicle.


      By May 14, 1999, qualified individuals are requested to submit an
      SF-171, OF-612 or resume to:

      Molly Kennedy
      Personnel Specialist
      Agency for International Development, Harare
      Washington, DC 20521-2180

      If via courier or hand delivery, send to:

      Molly Kennedy
      Personnel Specialist
      1 Pascoe Avenue
      Belgravia, Harare, Zimbabwe

      Any questions may be directed to Molly Kennedy, Personnel
      Specialist, USAID/Zimbabwe, who may be reached on
      263-4-720-630/793-351, via fax 263-4-722-418/720-722, or e-mail:

      Point of Contact: For further information regarding this Notice,
      contact Belinda Burroughs, AFR/AM, (202) 712-4598.
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