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FW: [178] XI-ICASA teams up with AF-AIDS

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 1999

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      > Subject: FW: [178] XI-ICASA teams up with AF-AIDS
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      > Subject: [178] XI-ICASA teams up with AF-AIDS
      > XI-ICASA teams up with AF-AIDS
      > The AF-AIDS regional email discussion forum is joining forces with the
      > Eleventh International Conference on AIDS and STDs in Africa (ICASA), to
      > be held in Lusaka, Zambia 12 - 16th September 1999). The aim is to help
      > raise awareness and encourage input from national and regional networks,
      > community organizations and others working on HIV & AIDS into the
      > conference - especially people who are unable to attend the conference in
      > person.
      > This initiative is aimed at increasing and expanding the participation in
      > the conference - and providing an opportunity for many more voices to be
      > brought into the regional agenda and discussions on the response to
      > HIV/AIDS.
      > Between now and the conference, with the support of the UNDP Regional
      > Programme on HIV/AIDS, AF-AIDS will hold a series of pre-conference
      > discussions on priority topics for the region. A team of Key
      > Correspondents are being recruited from around the region. Discussions
      > will be used to focus the conference on issues of regional relevance and
      > priority, provide input into conference sessions and reports, and help to
      > identify potential speakers and facilitators for the event.
      > Following the Lusaka conference, discussions on priority themes,
      > recommendations and conclusions will continue until the end of the year -
      > providing an opportunity for follow-up to the conference and establishment
      > of linkages with the World Conference to be held in Durban in 2000.
      > All those interested in HIV/AIDS in the region are encouraged to take
      > part. Please pass on this announcement to others in your country, national
      > network or organisation. In case you have not already joined AF-AIDS, this
      > is your chance to join over 1000 other members exchanging information and
      > experiences every day. AF-AIDS is free of charge to members and email
      > postings will be sent directly to your inbox. To join the forum, see the
      > instructions at the end of this message.
      > If you do not have access to email, we strongly encourage you to ask a
      > local information resource centre, NGO or other organisation to help you
      > take part in these discussions.
      > 'The Lusaka Conference will be a unique opportunity for us to discuss
      > issues of HIV/AIDS, especially as we come to the close of the century. We
      > are hoping to focus on those issues that are really crucial to the African
      > situation'
      > - Dr. Moses Sichone, XI ICASA Coordinator and Public Health Manager,
      > Central Board of Health, Zambia.
      > *********************
      > The Eleventh International conference on AIDS and STDs in Africa (ICASA)
      > Looking into the Future : Setting priorities for HIV/AIDS in Africa
      > Lusaka, Zambia - 12 to 16th September 1999
      > XI ICASA Secratariat Office :
      > Mulungushi International Conference Centre, Great East Road, P.O Box 38718
      > Lusaka, ZAMBIA
      > Tel : (260) 1 294007/295744, Fax : (260) 1 294009
      > Email : xi-icasa@..., Web site : http://www.xi-icasa.co.zm
      > This initiative is supported by the UNDP Regional Programme on HIV/AIDS
      > **********************
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