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FW: Recruitment Announcement - Refugee Health, Division of Reprod uctive Health

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 1999
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      > Subject: Recruitment Announcement - Refugee Health, Division of
      > Reproductive Health
      > The Division of Reproductive Health, Centers for Disease Control and
      > Prevention, is recruiting an epidemiologist to work on issues related to
      > reproductive health for refugees
      > **************************************************************************
      > **************
      > Epidemiologist, Reproductive Health for Refugees Project, Program Services
      > and Development Branch, Division of Reproductive Health (DRH), Centers for
      > Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia. Closes May 25, 1999.
      > Duties:
      > * assists the Reproductive Health for Refugees (RHR) Coordinator in
      > designing, managing and evaluating RHR and providing technical support to
      > the RHR Steering Committee.
      > * provides scientific advice and technical assistance to various
      > public, private, and/or nonprofit health or health related agencies and
      > organizations on developing programs.
      > * creates and implements a strategic plan for the RHR initiative,
      > defining the divisions priorities; international priorities; and available
      > resources and staff.
      > * develops and implements research protocols related to the division;
      > designs, tests, implements and evaluates reproductive health surveillance
      > systems appropriate to refugee setting.
      > * represents DRH at domestic and international meetings related to
      > RHR.
      > * develops and coordinates the sharing of health-related educational
      > or informational materials so that scientific advice and assistance is
      > shared.
      > * provides scientific consultative services to resolve difficult
      > program or project problems that include significant barriers to program
      > or project delivery.
      > * identifies and analyzes public health issues and their impact on
      > public policies or scientific studies or surveys.
      > * consults on, monitors, and measures the outcome of assigned programs
      > through studies which evaluate the effectiveness of project activities in
      > meeting the needs of program participants.
      > Foreign language, such as French or Spanish desirable. Position requires
      > 30% international travel under sometimes physically demanding conditions.
      > More than one position may be filled through this announcement. Moving
      > expenses are authorized.
      > To obtain a copy of the CDC Vacancy Announcement, call the CDC Jobline at
      > 1-888-CDC-HIRE. The CDC Vacancy Announcement is as follows:
      > Epidemiologist, S-0601-12/13 #DE1-99-344 (no previous Federal experience)
      > or MP1-99-344. The closing date for this position is May 25, 1999.
      > The major organizational components of DRH include the Office of the
      > Director and five branches: the Behavioral Epidemiology and Demographic
      > Research Branch, the Pregnancy and Infant Health Branch, the Program
      > Services and Development Branch, the Statistics and Computer Resources
      > Branch, and the Women's Health and Fertility Branch. DRH staff consists
      > of approximately 160 employees from a wide range of professions such as
      > medical officers, epidemiologists, statisticians, public health educators,
      > behavioral scientists, research psychologists, program managers, and
      > public health advisors.
      > Please refer to the specific vacancy announcement for qualification and
      > application requirements, salary range, and other information. For more
      > information about the position, contact Ms. Mary Kay Larson, Chief,
      > Services Management and Research Team, Program Services and Development
      > Branch, Division of Reproductive Health, at 770-488-5221.
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