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FW: "For your African Needs"

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 1999

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      > Subject: "For your African Needs"
      > Most of you probably already know this, but at the risk of repeating
      > the information . . . there is a wonderful little African food store in
      > our
      > community called "It's Tropical." The owner, Koffi Roberts from Ghana is
      > a
      > very nice person. It's on Ponce just a block west from the Dekalb
      > Farmer's
      > Market (across from Kudzu antiques, and behind Cassablanca restaurant).
      > Palme oil, ignames, Omo, cassettes, chew sticks, you name it . . . . it's
      > there!
      > Anyway, Koffi has informed me that he is going to be on-line as of this
      > weekend. (www.itstropical.com) His telephone number is 404-377-8075. He
      > also does mail-orders and for friends in other states, he may be reached
      > at
      > 1-888-340-2312.
      > If you and/or friends are looking for African supplies . . . you need
      > not look far.
      > Amalia, would it be possible to put this information in our next
      > newsletter?
      > I think many RPCVs would be interested, and it would be nice to support
      > this
      > little business.
      > Thanks.
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