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  • Weber
    First about today s ujeni news... Re Blantyre pollution: Does anyone else remember the stream you crossed just before you got to Limbe. It looked like a kids
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2002
      First about today's ujeni news...

      Re Blantyre pollution: Does anyone else remember the stream you crossed
      just before you got to Limbe. It looked like a kids dream, nothing but
      mountains of foam! I was pretty sure it must flow, if in fact it flowed,
      into the reservoir near us...water supply that was also covered by water

      Re the NDA plot to raze UDF headquarters: Hey, just when I thought there
      might be a nationwide party to challenge the 3 regional factions! But, do I
      believe all that is printed in the papers? Why does it seem not likely that
      all these people were so open and above board in telling their plans? Did
      the paper have someone infiltrate? Or...did the UDF plant the story?

      Second about a letter I got recently...

      Now this sounds like a good food distribution program...low overhead. If
      you can find a truck, that's about it. ....

      Quoted from a letter from my counterpart physiotherapist (who now outranks
      me having gone to Cape Town and gotten her masters) Margaret Wazakili at
      QECH. I learned lots from Margaret. She's plucky. She's one of those
      neat people who sees any problem, no matter how big, and instead of feeling
      helpless or overwhelmed just gets creative and does something about it... I
      worked with lots of people like that in Malawi.

      "You may have heard from the news that the hunger situation in Malawi is the
      worst in the region. It has been a pleasure to lead a group of women (her
      Anglican church women's group) called to help in the situation. We put
      money together and bought maize meal, salt and groundnuts that we went to
      distribute to members of our Parish and later to my home District in
      Nkhota-kota, We spent Good Friday on the road, stopping whenever we came
      across a senior citizen who looked weak and hungry to give them a share of
      what we had. We distributed to some members of two Anglican Churches and
      two Moslem villages. While the smiles from the recipients were good to see,
      the desperation of those who were hungry but did not receive anything was
      heart breaking. We drove away feeling rather helpless because we were not
      able to meet the needs of everyone in the areas that we visited. We hope
      that other Relief Organizations will reach those that we did not help
      because we did not have enough.

      "One month later some friends gave us more money and we bought more food
      items that we took to the paediatric wards at QECH. There are many
      malnourished children because of the general scarcity of food, but HIV/AIDS
      related symptoms make the situation worse."


      >Malawi Impose Heavy Fines for Pollution
      >Malawi Insider (Blantyre)
      >September 5, 2002
      >Posted to the web September 5, 2002
      >Paul Kang'ombe
      >Malawi government through city, town and district assembly has
      >threatened to punish all companies that are polluting rivers and other
      >natural resorces through careless disposal of wasres. The government
      >has already taken a number of companies to task.
      >Chirimba Garments, an export processing zone (EPZ) company might
      >face a penalty of up to one million Kwacha for dumping poisonous
      >chemicals in Chirimba River, Blantyre City Assembly has disclosed.
      >Chirimba Garments
      >Blantyre City Assembly head of health department, Dr. Lycester
      >said in an interview with The Malawi Standard that a team of people
      >comprised of pollution control engineers, environmental health
      >among others visited Chirimba industrial area last Tuesday on a fact
      >finding mission on how industries dispose their waste.
      >"We discovered that Chirimba Garments dumps dangerous chemicals,
      >which we believe might have poisonous acids that can be hazardous to
      >both human beings and the environment," he said.
      >He explained that although the Assembly has not yet tasted the
      >chemicals that are released by the company into a small stream that
      >directly flows into Chirimba river, the environmental experts believe
      >that the
      >chemical might contain acids that can cause skin reaction or burns and
      >imbues the soil.
      >"There might be even more to that than what we see, so if we taste the
      >chemicals and find that they are indeed dangerous then the company
      >could be slapped with a penalty of up to K1 million," said Bandawe.
      >Chirimba Garments Area Manager Joe Lee speaking through his Secretary
      >a Ms Citas said he could not talk to the Malawi Standard because he is
      >always busy.
      >"The boss says he can not talk to you. He doesn't even find time to
      >talk to
      >people, he is ever busy," said Citas.
      >The City Assembly also discovered that some manufacturing industries,
      >which I can not disclose now dump industrial waste at night both
      >and out side the City of Blantyre.
      >Currently the Assembly is working with the District Health Officers
      >to track down those companies that dump waste outside Blantyre.
      >"We are working with the DHOs because our mandate is within the
      >Blantyre City," he said.
      >Capital Oil Refining Industries (CORI)
      >Last year the Assembly slapped Capital Oil Refining Industries (CORI)
      >a K40 000 fine for dumping fats in Chirimba river.
      >According to Bandawe the fats blocked the stream that carries
      >waste and it made the whole area to stink.
      >"The fats were deposited where the stream crosses the road to join
      >Chirimba River, the whole area was stinking badly," he said.
      >The Assembly advised CORI to neutralize the fats in a process called
      >hydrolysis so that they only dispose pure water.
      >"We are happy that CORI treats the fats and discharges treated water
      >which is not harmful to people," he said.
      >CORI's Managing Director a Mr. Karim confirmed having paid a fine of
      >K40000. He however denied that his company used to dump fats in
      >Chirimba river.
      >"The City Assembly discovered later that it was the broken sewer line
      >blocked the stream and not fats as it was previously alleged," said
      >Harry Khoriyo, a refinery manager disclosed that CORI has been writing
      >the City Assembly to rehabilitate the sewer line but nothing has been
      >CORI and Chirimba residents' relationship "Some residents who had
      >gardens before Chirimba was declared an industrial area in the late
      >have a negative attitude towards CORI because it was the first industry
      >settle in the area. It is very sad that people rush to blame CORI on
      >concerning water pollution yet what we discharge into the stream is
      >pure treated coloured water and its non-acidic," explained Khoriyo.
      >Vandalism Brickmoulders started digging the land around the industrial
      >area and they came across sewer lines in the process.
      >The brick moulders took the sewer line for a water board line and they
      >started digging the pipes with the aim of tapping water for their job,
      >little did
      >they know it was a sewerline.
      >Some people stole steel manholes and after the rainy season the
      >manholes were filled up with bricks, sand and stones weakening the
      >system further.
      >The T-joint where the whole industrial sewer system meet burst and the
      >sewer started flowing into Chirimba river untreated and polluting the
      >The sewer system is not mechanical, it flows by gravitation and it
      >the gradient up to Michiru treatment plant.
      >Solution A feasibility study conducted by the City assembly indicates
      >the only solution to the problem is to overhaul the whole sewer
      >Putting a new sewer system for the industrial area alone would cost
      >City Assembly about K50 million.
      >Residents concern Village head Mwachande expressed concern over
      >water pollution by the industries in her area and urged the City
      >Assembly to
      >do something about it.
      >She said water borne diseases are becoming common in the area
      >because of the water pollution.
      >"People use water from Chirimba river for domestic purposes since we
      >don't have boreholes in my area. Masaf has promised to sink boreholes
      >its third phase," she said.
      >Residents sunk wells along the heavily polluted river.
      >However health statistics are not indicating any cholera or waterborne
      >record in the area for the past two years as claimed by the Village
      >"It is wonderful that Chirimba area has not registered any cholera out
      >for the past two years," said Dr. Bandawe.
      >Some environmental experts suspect that some industries discharge
      >diluted caustic soda in the Chirimba river.
      >Caustic soda can kill both human beings and livestock if released
      >Adam Saidi who works at a Mr. Mponda's dairy farm in the area said
      >they cut elephant grass in and along the river to feed their dairy
      >despite the pollution.
      >"You could see blue/black chemicals in the river and even sewage but
      >since we have no where to get elephant grass we have no choice."
      >The Earth Summit in South Africa agreed to provide portable water to
      >citizens from poor countries by the year 2015.-0- Insider Publications
      >NDA Plots to Raze UDF National Office
      >Malawi Insider (Blantyre)
      >September 5, 2002
      >Posted to the web September 5, 2002
      >In what can be described as mother of all revenges and the height of
      >political tension that this country has never experienced, the
      >Democratic Alliance is planning to raze down and set ablaze the
      >Offices for the ruling United Democratic Front situated in Limbe. The
      >Malawi Standard has uncovered a plot after interviewing ten of the
      >pressure group's Young Democrats who are part of this plot and also
      >part in the recent political violence in Mulanje which led the death
      >The leader of the NDA Young Democrats assigned this assignment is
      >Arubi Changa (code name adopted for media ethics and security
      >pnd Chirimba residents' relationship "S
      >Arubi and his colleagues say that the NDA is actively working on this
      >plot in
      >which they would want to destroy data and documents in the office of
      >UDF's Secretary General Hon. Katenga Kaunda and further destroy
      >computers in the newsroom which are used for the publication of the
      >"We have been instructed by our bosses that this is the mother of all
      >revenges that we are going to take against UDF," said the Young
      >He explained that there are some major incidents that the NDA would
      >to retaliate against.
      >"We in NDA still remember vividly how our leaders were greatly
      >embarrassed when we were teargassed in Ndirande Township when the
      >NDA was just a few weeks old. We also remember how a Mercedez Benz
      >was burnt to ashes and our leaders harassed at Parliament Building in
      >Lilongwe. And just recently our leader Brown Mpinganjira was also
      >harassed at a roadblock in Lilongwe," explained Arubi adding that the
      >destruction of an NDA office in Mulanje has also been one of their
      >He said, the NDA security wing the Lebanese would revenge all these in
      >one mission, which is attacking and burning the UDF National Offices
      >a few other key targets and officials.
      >"In the attack, we will use our usual weapons which include axes,
      >machetes, pangas, knives and clubs. Apart from these weapons, our job
      >will be made easier by simply using petrol to set ablaze important
      >rooms of
      >the building," he said.
      >In the highly confidential interview, Arubi in the company of nine of
      >colleagues said that the 30 strong selected attackers will break into
      >building from the back, and their first target will be the office of
      >Secretary General. The group would go there in the evening using a
      >coming in from Kanjedza on pick-ups that will have number plates
      >removed. One of the pick-ups belongs to one NDA official formerly an
      >employee of Telekom Networks. After that mission, they would drive
      >He revealed that the NDA Young Democrats are planning to invade the
      >UDF National Headquarters at the time when President Bakili Muluzi will
      >in the central region.
      >"We know that when the President is in the Central Region, many police
      >officers, police vehicles and our archrivals, UDF Young Democrats are
      >where the President is. So we expect that after the attack, we will
      >successfully escape without being caught by the law enforcers," he
      >He disclosed that soon after the attack the NDA media propaganda
      >machinery would go flat out spreading news that UDF Young Democrats
      >have set ablaze their party headquarters after being unpaid for the
      >they have done in the past.
      >"We have been assured that two radio stations, newspapers and foreign
      >media will quickly tell the world that disgruntled UDF Young Democrats
      >have set their own office ablaze due to wage squabbles," Arubi said.
      >He said that they have been assured by senior NDA officials that after
      >successful completion of their mission each one of them would receive
      >K5,000 and they would be offered safe custody by the officials of the
      >pressure group.
      >The plot to attack and torch down part of UDF national headquarters,
      >according to Arubi, was discussed at two meetings one at the NDA
      >chairman's house in Mapanga and another at Mpinganjira's house in
      >Chigumula. During those two meetings the NDA executive agreed to
      >revenge Mpinganjira's humiliation by razing down UDF office and
      >to kill five other UDF loyalists Nembo, two Mvulas, Kapito and Moyo.
      >killing of the officials was to be done by a group led by a certain
      >pure of
      >Lilongwe in the company of a Mwalamboza and Juma who are going to
      >pose as car hijackers.
      >These sinister plans are being coordinated by Mezalumo and a Mr
      >Fungula. The ones masterminding the detailed movements of the
      >attackers are Brown Mpinganjira's senior bodyguard, a Mr Chelewani who
      >once worked for the Malawi Army and also played for Red Lions Football
      >Club and a Mr Mwachande, who once worked for Malawi. Mr Mwachande
      >now stays in Chilobwe but has been seen at Mpinganjira's rallies with
      >Meanwhile there are also reports that the NDA has also hired another
      >Special Hit Squad which is led by a Mr. Makata formerly of the UDF
      >The NDA is reported to have organised this group after discovering
      >some of the members of their usual hit squad, the Lebanese, are failing
      >execute major assignments.
      >While ten members of the NDA Young Democrats interviewed insist that
      >the whole aim behind attacking the UDF offices and killing officials
      >will be
      >to avenge for what they call "past defeats of NDA security men, the
      >Lebanese at the hands of UDF Young Democrats, a senior official who
      >confided in The Malawi Standard said the whole aim of the plot is aimed
      >embarrassing the UDF and its leadership. He said that they have
      >to do so on several occasions and the most successful one involved the
      >Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace big walk when an NDA Young
      >Democrat posing as a UDF Young Democrat attacked the big walk. This
      >incident greatly embarrassed UDF the official said.
      >"In the same way as Bin Laden's attack embarrassed the United States
      >government, the attack on UDF National Headquarters will be a
      >embarrassment to President Bakili Muluzi and his UDF government," he
      >The NDA official added: "Such an attack will also be looked upon as
      >breakdown of security in the country. People including investors and
      >donors would say if people can raze down UDF offices what can prevent
      >them from attacking any office or any organisation."
      >He revealed the attack would be part of NDA's campaign strategy aimed
      >creating an impression that the UDF is failing to run the country
      >The Malawi Standard reporter visited two camps housing the notorious
      >NDA Young Democrats, one in Bvumbwe and another near Blantyre
      >Teachers College close to Mpinganjira sister's house.-0- Insider
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