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FW: Nominees for the 1999 Jonathan Mann Award for Global Health

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 1999
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      > Subject: FW: Nominees for the 1999 Jonathan Mann Award for Global
      > Health
      > Nominees for the 1999 Jonathan Mann Award for Health And Human Rights.
      > Dear colleagues,
      > It is our pleasure to announce the nominees for the first annual Jonathan
      > Mann Award for Global Health and Human Rights. As you can see the 53
      > nominees hail from a wide spectrum of health related disciplines spanning
      > the globe. Each nominee demonstrates commitment to the principles of
      > human
      > dignity through promoting public health and health-related policies.
      > The recipient of the 1999 Jonathan Mann Award for Global Health and Human
      > Rights will be chosen from this distinguished group of nominees by a
      > select
      > Blue Ribbon panel of international health and human rights leaders. The
      > award will be presented by former US President Jimmy Carter during the
      > Global Health Council's annual conference in Washington, DC, from June
      > 20-22, 1999.
      > The Blue Ribbon panel is asked to rank the nominees based on: service to
      > a
      > community which is clearly facing challenges to both health and human
      > rights; evidence of commitment through action directed toward those least
      > able to protect themselves; dedication to the principles for which
      > Jonathan
      > Mann fought; and the winner will be given a cash prize that should further
      > their work and attention devoted to the linkage of global health and human
      > rights.
      > In order to extend the maximum support needed to make the firts annual
      > Jonathan Mann Award for Global Health and Human Rights an important prize
      > worthy of its namesake and its intended recipient, we ask you to help by
      > contributing toward the cash prize. All contributions are fully
      > tax-deductible.
      > Please send your contributions to the Jonathan Mann Award, c/o the Global
      > Health Council, 1701 K St., NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20006. On
      > behalf
      > of the sponsors of the Jonathan Mann Award for Global Health and Human
      > Rights, I thank you for your interest and support in this endeavor.
      > Warm regards,
      > Nils Daulaire, MD, MPH
      > President and CEO
      > Global Health Council
      > ------------------------------------------------------------
      > Nominees for the First Annual Jonathan Mann Award.
      > 1. ACCSI - Accion Ciudadana Contra el Sida- VENEZUELA- AIDS advocacy work
      > 2. Achmat, Zackie; Treatment Action Campaign of the National Association
      > of
      > People- SOUTH AFRICA- grassroots mobilization of people with HIV/AIDS
      > 3. Sister Mary Elizabeth; AEGIS - AIDS Education and Global Information
      > System- SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA- dissemination of information on HIV/AIDS
      > 4. Agyemang, Nelson Godfried; Youth Development Foundation- GHANA-
      > grassroots promotion of human rights for disadvantaged youth
      > 5. Ammann, Arthur, M.D.; Global Strategies for HIV Prevention- OAKLAND,
      > CA-
      > advocate for children and a liason between children with HIV and the FDA
      > 6. Anderson, Karen, BSN, M.Ed., MPH.-CHILE- health educator
      > 7. Arauz, Rita; Foundation Nimehuatzin- NICARAGUA- human rights
      > spokesperson
      > 8. Berrtel, Rosalie, Ph.D., G.N.S.H.- BUFFALO, NEW YORK- president of the
      > International Institute of Concern for Public Health
      > 9. Beyer, Chris, M.D.; Johns Hopkins Fogarty AIDS International Training
      > Program- BALTIMORE- health and human rights advocate in Southeast Asia
      > 10. Brown, Ben, M.D.; The Burmese Refugee Care Project- SEBASTOPOL, CA-
      > founded Burmese Refugee Care project
      > 11. Center for International Health, University at Albany- ALBANY, NEW
      > YORK- health center currently established in Cyprus
      > 12. Civil-Military Alliance to Combat HIV and AIDS Commission in Brussels,
      > BELGIUM- HIV prevention in military populations
      > 13. Cook, Philip, Dr.; School of Child and Youth Care, University of
      > Victoria- BRITISH COLUMBIA- advisor to governments in Africa about
      > compliance with UN Convention of the Rights of the Child in the developing
      > world.
      > 14. Cook, Rebecca, Prof.; International Human Rights Program, University
      > of
      > Toronto- TORONTO- professor of human rights law
      > 15. D'agostino, Angelo, Dr.; Nyumbani- KENYA- hospice for abandoned HIV+
      > children
      > 16. Denison, Rebecca; WORLD- OAKLAND, CA- founder of WORLD (women
      > organized
      > to respond to life threatening illnesses)
      > 17. Dhital, Saroj, Dr.; Kathmandu Model Hospital- NEPAL- developing
      > community based health systems
      > 18. Doctors for Global Health (DGH)- EL SALVADOR- volunteer organization
      > implementing programs in health, social justice, education
      > 19. El Centro de Denuncias Contra la Discriminacion- ARGENTINA-
      > anti-discrimination organization for individuals with HIV/AIDS in the
      > Caribbean and Latin America
      > 20. Family Support Trust- ZIMBABWA- NGO devoted to relieving suffering
      > associated with poverty and ill-health
      > 21. Faraja Trust Fund- TANZANIA- NGO focused on capacity building,
      > self-help, and self-development
      > 22. Fransen, Lieve, Dr.; Directorate General for Development Cooperation
      > at
      > the European Commission in Brussels- BELGIUM- advisor to the Directorate
      > General for Development Cooperation
      > 23. Geiger, H. Jack; City University of New York University Medical
      > School-
      > NEW YORK- founding member of CORE (Congress of Racial Equality)
      > 24. Hetrick-Martin Institute-NEW YORK CITY- lesbian/gay youth outreach
      > 25. Heywood, Mark; AIDS Law Project- SOUTH AFRICA- human rights lawyer
      > 26. HURUMA - Human Rights Union for Medical Action in Africa-
      > (AFRICA)- student initiative to fight for human rights
      > 27. Ivantic-Doucette, Karen- MILWAUKEE- nurse practicioner providing care
      > for disenfranchised HIV patients in Milwaukee
      > 28. Johnson, Urban, Dr.; ESARO, UNICEF-NAIROBI- nutrition specialist
      > specializing on the causes of malnutrition
      > 29. Kanem, Natalia, M.D., MPH.; Ford Foundation- NEW YORK CITY-
      > coordinator
      > of AIDS and Children clinic at Harlem Hospital
      > 30. Khan, Shivananda; The Naz Foundation- INDIA- dedicated to MSM health
      > 31. Kline, Mark, Dr.; Texas Children's Hospital- HOUSTON, TEXAS- pediatric
      > AIDS specialist, active in Romania
      > 32. Kwasha Mukenu Women Group- ZAMBIA- respond to HIV/AIDS orphans
      > 33. Kyi, Daw Aung San Suu; National League for Democracy (Burma)- BURMA-
      > human rights activist
      > 34. Lee, Sharon, M.D.; Southwest Boulevard Family Care- KANSAS CITY-
      > co-founded clinic for poor or with lack of access to health care
      > 35. Lor, Aun; Public Health Prevention Service- FLORIDA- prevention
      > specialist
      > 36. Lynch, Virginia, MSN, RN, FAAFS, DABFE; International Liaison
      > Committee
      > on Forensic Science & Human Rights- COLORADO- trains first response
      > personnel to respond to human rights trauma
      > 37. Maung, Cynthia, Dr.; Mae Tao Clinic-THAILAND- clinic for refugees
      > along
      > Thai-Burma border
      > 38. McHenry County Citizens for Choice- ILLINOIS- women's reproductive
      > rights education
      > 39. Mini, Clarence, Dr.; Equity Project- SOUTH AFRICA- grassroots advocate
      > 40. Newcomer, Carrie- INDIANA- musician made CD for Planned Parenthood to
      > raise funds for safe and affordable health care for women
      > 41. Pedraza, Jairo; UNAIDS- NEW YORK CITY- AIDS advocate for HIV+
      > immigrants in NYC
      > 42. Phair, John P., Dr.; Comprehensive AIDS Center, Northwestern
      > University
      > Medical School- CHICAGO- directs research, training, and clinical care
      > 43. Powell, Adam Donaldson- NORWAY- AIDS activist
      > 44. Quadros, Ciro A. de, M.D., M.P.H; Pan American Health Organization-
      > WASHINGTON DC- promoting use of vaccines
      > 45. Rivero, Desi Mendoza- CUBA- president of the Cuban Independent Medical
      > Association
      > 46. Ruff, Tilman, Dr.- AUSTRALIA- researching and teaching health and
      > human
      > rights
      > 47. Sawyer, Eric; HIV/AIDS Human Rights Project- NEW YORK CITY- works to
      > provide housing to homeless living with HIV/AIDS.
      > 48. Schenker, Inon I; Jerusalem AIDS Project School- JERUSALEM- HIV/AIDS
      > education
      > 49. Seshu, Meena; SANGRAM- INDIA- peer education among prostitutes on
      > HIV/AIDS
      > 50. Society for Women and AIDS in Africa- SENEGAL- aid to poor African
      > women at high risk for HIV because of their socioeconomic situation.
      > 51. Southall, David, Prof.: Keele University Toronto- UNITED KINGDOM-
      > doctor specializing in childhood illnesses
      > 52. Tutu, Desmond, Dr.- ATLANTA- Nobel Peace Prize winner
      > 53. Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees- JERUSALEM- primary
      > health care, preventive health care clinic for individuals living in
      > trying
      > conditions
      > (The Jonathan Mann Award for Global Health and Human Rights is
      > co-sponsored
      > by the Association Francois-Xavier Bagnoud, Doctors of the World, the
      > Global
      > Health Council, and Human Rights Watch).
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