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FW: CDC Assignee to World Health Organization for Accelerating Ne w Vaccine Introduction

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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    FYI, please follow application instruction below. ... From: CDC Message Center Sent: Monday, August 05, 2002 9:35 AM Subject: CDC Assignee to World Health
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       FYI, please follow application instruction below.


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      CDC Message Center
      Monday, August 05, 2002 9:35 AM
      Subject: CDC Assignee to World Health Organization for Accelerating New Vaccine Introduction


      CDC assignee to World Health Organization for Accelerating New Vaccine Introduction - Medical Officer/Epidemiologist

      The Office of the Director, National Center for Infectious Diseases is seeking a Medical Officer or Epidemiologist to work as a technical expert on secundment to the World Health Organization, within the Expanded Programme on Immunization Team in the Vaccines and Biologicals Department located in Geneva, Switzerland

      The primary purpose of the post is to provide technical and policy guidance for introduction of new or under-utilized vaccines into routine immunization programs. Major duties include:

      WHO Headquarters activities

      Provide guidance for new and underutilized vaccine introduction activities within EPI, with attention to integration into routine programs in developing countries, immunization safety, program effectiveness, disease surveillance, cold chain and logistics and training.

      Development of guidance documents for new vaccine introduction, including revision of introduction guidelines and policy papers ("position papers") on new vaccines

      Assessment of introduction experiences and preparation of lessons learned documents for integration of new vaccines into routine immunization programs in developing countries

      Represent EPI in V&B coordination meetings and planning on new vaccine introduction strategies

      Participate and collaborate in activities to improve access (especially in developing countries) to all vaccines of public health importance

      Coordinate new vaccine introduction activities with other V&B teams through mechanisms developed by the Accelerated Vaccine Introduction priority project, including monthly meetings on specific new and underutilized vaccines.

      Support and coordination of WHO regional new vaccines focal points on technical and policy issues related to new vaccines and new vaccine introduction

      Support of country efforts to introduce and assess effectiveness of new vaccines as requested by regional and country offices

      Providing coordination with CDC on new vaccine introduction issues

      Applicants must possess an Medical Degree from an accredited institution, or Ph.D. in public health, epidemiology or related field. Experience and training with CDC programs such as those in epidemiology as it relates to public health practice; work in public health institutions at a national level on immunization issues or infectious disease control, including policy development, and/or immunization programs; work in a developing country public health program or extensive experience consulting with developing countries; expertise applicable to implementation of immunization or other health program in developing country settings; knowledge and expertise with a new vaccine, especially in the area of encapsulated vaccines (i.e., Hib, pneumococcus, meningococcus) is desirable; managerial, administrative and interpersonal skills; ability to work well with others in a variety of management settings, including collaboration within and outside the candidate's immediate team; ability to interact effectively with public health personnel from diverse cultures and background; and ability to travel extensively.

      MORE INFORMATION: Applicants should feel free to contact Anne Schuchat, M.D., Chair, New Vaccine Introduction Officer Search Committee, at aschuchat@... or 404-639-4720;


      HOW TO APPLY: Please mail or email CV/bibliography AND statements addressing the required qualifications to:

      Ms. Benita Minor (bminor@...)

      CDC Announcement No. AD10-01-021

      Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

      Human Resources Management Office

      4770 Buford Highway, MS K15

      Atlanta, GA 30341-3724

      Ms. Minor's telephone number is 770-488-1443; fax number is 404-639-1525.


      All application forms are subject to the provisions of the privacy act and become the property of the Department of Health and Human Services.


      Application process questions should be addressed to bminor@... or


      Fax is 404-639-1525.

      Applicants may visit the CDC Home Page at http://www.cdc.gov and the NCID home page at http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/index.htm.

      CDC is an equal opportunity employer and provides a smoke-free work environment. All applicants will receive equal consideration without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, political affiliation, age, or any other nonmerit factor.



      The message is intended for personnel in job series 101, 601 and 602 at GS-14 and above and Commissioned Officers levels 05 and 06. 

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