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Support the HIV Muppet!

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  • Kristen E Cheney
    Hi Folks, I m forwarding an Act For Change alert that I got, which includes a link to send an e-mail expressing support for Sesame s Street South Africa s
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2002
      Hi Folks,

      I'm forwarding an Act For Change alert that I got, which includes a link to
      send an e-mail expressing support for Sesame's Street South Africa's
      decision to include an HIV-positive muppet on their show. The decision has
      come under fire, but Sesame Street has stuck to their guns in order to
      reinforce the principles of tolerance and diversity that have always been
      integral to the kids' show. Part of my letter states:

      I have spent several years of my life living in Africa and working with
      chilren, and I know personally the crushing affect that HIV/AIDS has -- and
      will have -- for African children. HIV/AIDS has already disrupted every
      sector of society and has set Africa back in its development goals. It is a
      prevalent reality that kids there must learn to live with, and be
      compasstionate about, if they are to recover. Acceptance and understanding
      are key themes in all of the Sesame Street adaptations and the South
      African show is no exception. It is appropriate that, in a country where
      over 250,000 children are living with HIV, an HIV-positive Muppet is
      created to help kids comprehend the virus.
      I applaud the decision and hope the show continues to find innovative ways
      to teach our kids about the value of tolerance and diversity. I still feel
      a debt to all that Jim Henson and Sesame Street taught me while I was
      growing up in the 70s, and I look forward to exposing my children to such
      quality television.

      You can borrow this, or they have a prefab letter you can send at the link:


      >From: ActForChange <actforchange@...>
      >To: kcheney@...
      >Subject: Urgent Alert!
      >Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 14:48:53 -0400 (EDT)
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      > Click here to take action now! Thank Sesame Street for Teaching
      > Sesame Street has been teaching kids about the value of tolerance and
      >diversity since 1969. Thank the President and CEO of PBS, Pat Mitchell,
      >for standing up to critics of an HIV-positive Muppet on the South
      >African adaptation, and keeping the door open for the U.S. show to
      >address any cultural challenges that may affect our kids in the future.
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