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  • Bell, Elizabeth
    Good to see DAPP mentioned. I worked with them on a Child Survival project for a year in Namibia up on the Angolan border, although my experience with them
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      Good to see DAPP mentioned.  I worked with them on a Child Survival project for a year in Namibia up on the Angolan border, although my experience with them there as an effective agency was mixed.


      It is also heartening to note that some of the local NGOs you list were started with assistance of past Malawi PCVs. 




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      I was asked recently to put together of list of potential 'funding recievers' in Malawi because of the poor track record of organizations such as WFP, UNICEF and WHO at getting funding to be applied to the need.  Too much of the funding that goes to these UN organizaitons is used for workshops, allowances for the already well-off, meetings, vehicle and office items instead of getting the money into a diverse food supply for the immediate term and into sustainable interventions for the mid to longer term.  In addition, their approach to solving problems has been driving Malawi further and further into a cycle of dependency with worse health and malnutrition every year, partly due to the focus on promoting one or two outside food sources (or other outside resources for other problems) instead of focusing on what Malawi can do itself.


      The press conference that was attached to Liz's e-mail was an exaggerated account of the problems and their causes.  As an example, Malawi's latest figure for HIV infection rates for the general population is about 10 percent, for the 15-49 year age group about 16.7 percent, whereas the 30 percent infection rate the press conference quoted is found in some high-population density antenatal clinics (pregnant women, who have obviously had unprotected sex!).  Also, the last two years in Malawi were largely good growing seasons with the exception of limited flooding in the lower Shire area.  The food production problems have less to do with drought and more to do with the unsustainable practices introduced and continually supported by various organizaions.


      Because it is hard to know who is doing good things with your money and who is using the money on the middle class instead of where the need is, I've put together the attached list of 22 organizations whom I've been impressed with.  It doesn't mean that they are perfect, but they seem to be targetting the need and working with local resources to help Malawi break away from the dependency that so many other organizations are trapping them in.  Getting money to Friends of Malawi is another option, as they are trying to work with Volunteers to get the money into real community based projects.


      For those of you who didn't hear, all the phone numbers in Malawi have changed, except for those in the Northern region.  Now when calling Malawi you need to add:

      01 - to all numbers in the southern and central regions

      09 - to all Celtel numbers (which start with a 9)

      08 - to all Telecom numbers (which start with an 8)


      There are a lot of great things going on here, it is not all the doom and gloom that the media and donor organizations are painting for you!  Come back for a visit (or a Crisis Corps stint!) and we'll show you all the foods, medicines and potential that Malawi has for caring for itself!


      Stacia M. Nordin, RD
      HIV/AIDS Crisis Corps Coordinator
      Providing 6-month Volunteer experts for HIV/AIDS care and prevention programs


      PO Box 208, Lilongwe, Malawi, Africa
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      w fax: (+265) 01-751-008
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      c tel:   (+265) 09-960-613
      e-m:    nordin@...


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      Thanks Liz,   After reading the article I checked out the World Food Programme web site.  For those interested here's another option for donating.......



      Through the World Food Programme you can print out a form and send a donation by check.   The form says at the top "I would like to give to WFP operations in__________________________"  so you can designate.  (quote from their web site..."Set-up in 1963, WFP is the United Nations frontline agency in the fight against global hunger. In 2001, WFP fed 77 million people in 82 countries, including most of the world's refugees and internally displaced people.")   www.wfp.org 



      Through Friends of the World Food Programme you can donate on line with a credit card.



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