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  • Christine Chumbler
    Never fear, Scott. The ujeni won t waste away as long as I m posting news stories... ; ) Muluzi concedes defeat in bid for another term Blantyre 05 July 2002
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2002
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      Never fear, Scott. The ujeni won't waste away as long as I'm posting
      news stories... ; )

      Muluzi concedes defeat in bid for another

      05 July
      2002 08:18

      Malawi President Bakili Muluzi has accepted a narrow
      defeat he suffered
      when parliament rejected the controversial bill that
      was designed to scrap
      presidential term limits in the country.

      "It was a give and take process. I hold no grudges
      nor vengeance against
      the people who spoke against or made negative
      remarks on me. I will hold
      nobody accountable," Muluzi said in a prepared 10
      minutes speech on state
      radio, in his first reaction to parliament's

      Muluzi's party needed just three votes to secure 128
      ballots needed to make
      a two-thirds majority that could amend the
      constitution to allow him to stand
      for a third five-year term in 2004.

      Some 125 legislators voted in favour of changing the
      constitution, while 59
      were against and five abstained.

      Muluzi, who virtually banned public debate on the
      controversial issue in the
      run-up to the parliamentary vote, urged Malawians to
      "forgive each other and

      "Democracy calls for tolerance of different views.
      Now that the debate has
      been determined, the tension should melt away to
      pave way for
      reconciliation," Muluzi added.

      Muluzi came under heavy local and international
      pressure to hold a free and
      open debate on the amendment of the bill.

      President Muluzi's second term ends in 2004 and with
      his ruling United
      Democratic Front (UDF) party holding only 95 seats
      in parliament, he
      required the support of other groupings to garner
      the requisite two-thirds
      majority for the constitutional change. - AFP
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