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Fwd: Youth Organizing Director Job Announcement

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  • Kristen Cheney
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2002


      Kristen Cheney

      PhD Candidate
      University of CA at Santa Cruz
      1156 High Street
      Santa Cruz, CA 95064


      >Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 11:46:28 -0700

      >Please announce/forward.
      >� Global Exchange
      >� Anthropology and American Studies UCSC
      >JustAct: Youth Action for Global Justice
      >JustAct: Youth Action for Global Justice is a national non-profit
      >organization that works to develop in young people a life-long commitment to
      >social, environmental, and economic justice around the world. JustAct�s
      >education and movement-building efforts seek to promote the emergence of a
      >powerful and unified global youth movement led by young people from
      >marginalized and oppressed communities at home and abroad.
      >The full-time position of Organizing Program Director offers a key role and
      >exciting opportunity in this dynamic organization. Reporting directly to
      >the Executive Director and working with other program staff, the Organizing
      >Program Director will have primary responsibility for JustAct�s Organizing
      >Program. The program is aimed at contributing to the development of a
      >strong and politically vibrant nationwide movement of youth organizations
      >dedicated to collectively challenging oppression and building a just,
      >equitable and sustainable society. The primary component of this program is
      >a focus on building a network of groups working predominantly with youth of
      >color and from working class communities, recognizing the importance in
      >creating a critical space for historically oppressed youth within the
      >current U.S. youth and student movements. The Organizing Program Director
      >will also be responsible for developing relationships with other
      >organizations, and with grassroots youth groups and movements around the
      >country and the world.
      >Specific responsibilities include:
      >Program Planning and Management
      >� planning and overseeing the implementation of program activities
      >� creating and maintaining the program budget and tracking expenses and
      >� active involvement with on-going organizational Strategic Planning process
      >� setting up systems for tracking network membership data, outreach efforts,
      >finances, etc. and synchronizing these with organizational systems
      >� with the Executive Director & Development Director, cultivating and
      >soliciting the program�s financial and in-kind resources from foundations,
      >individuals and other sources
      >Education and Training
      >� with the Education Director & other staff/consultants, developing the
      >program�s educational curriculum
      >� with the Education Director & Communications Coordinator, overseeing the
      >research, compilation and production of related educational and materials as
      >� with the Education Director, designing and leading the program�s
      >conferences and other educational programs and technical trainings
      >� facilitating workshops and trainings, and speaking at various public
      >Outreach and Mobilization
      >� developing and implementing the program�s overall outreach strategy
      >� reaching out to, organizing and mobilizing youth organizations consisting
      >predominantly of youth of color and from working class and other
      >historically oppressed communities
      >Network Development
      >� linking grassroots youth organizations with each other through the
      >coordinating of JustAct�s nationwide network, Movement Rising
      >� developing and maintaining relationships with network members through
      >on-going communication (ex. network newsletter) and various network building
      >efforts and activities (ex. national gatherings)
      >� developing and maintaining a network leadership structure consisting of
      >member representatives
      >Movement Building
      >� developing and maintaining on-going relationships and collaborations with
      >other national youth and student organizations through national coalitions
      >and other alliances
      >� with other staff, developing and maintaining JustAct�s national &
      >international partnerships, alliances and collaborative relationships with
      >other organizations and youth movements around the world
      >� recruiting, training, supervising and evaluating performance of the
      >Program Coordinator(s)
      >� directly supervise all of program�s interns
      >Evaluations and Reporting
      >� systematically evaluating all program activities and overall program
      >� producing periodic and timely program and activity reports
      >Other Tasks
      >� serving as member of JustAct management team in organizational planning
      >and management
      >� occasionally contributing to organizational newsletter (Global Links) and
      >other public education efforts
      >� working with JustAct staff on other initiatives and projects based on need
      >or interest
      >The ideal candidate will have extensive experience with youth organizing at
      >the local/community level, with a lot of coalition building and facilitation
      >skills, as well as a commitment to social and economic justice through
      >popular education and the development of global grassroots movements. The
      >qualified candidate must be very well-organized and a self-directed
      >individual, able to take active leadership and initiative, as well as
      >fulfill responsibilities without extensive supervision. A willingness to
      >travel nationally & internationally, working knowledge of global economic,
      >political and social issues, commitment to collective decision-making,
      >enthusiasm and passion, attention to detail, resourcefulness and willingness
      >to work as part of a team are essential. Proficiency in email and internet
      >use, Mac computer systems, and Microsoft Word are a plus.
      >$28,000-$32,000, depending on experience, along with full benefits (health,
      >dental, vision, chiropractic and vacation).
      >To Apply
      >Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume (email
      >acceptable) as soon as possible to:
      >Hiring Committee, JustAct, 333 Valencia St., Suite 325, San Francisco, CA
      >Phone: 415-431-4204 x201; Email: info@...; Fax: (415) 431-5953.
      >JustAct is an affirmative action employer and strongly recruits young people
      >of color, women, non-US citizens, and
      >lesbian/gay/bi/transgendered/queer/questioning individuals, from working
      >class communities.
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