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Lucy Kachule passed away

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  • Kristof & Stacia Nordin
    Dear Ujeni, Malawi9X, Friends of Malawi, and other Malawi individuals - (some of you will get this twice since I don t know who is on what listserv and I d
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2002
      Dear Ujeni, Malawi9X, Friends of Malawi, and other 'Malawi' individuals -  (some of you will get this twice since I don't know who is on what listserv and I'd rather try to cover all bases!  Please pass this on to others.)
      Our country director, Annamaria Watrin, wrote this article about the life and death of Lucy Kachule for the PC Malawi newsletter "Zimachitika".  As so many people were touched by Lucy over the years (by hands, heart and needle, too!), we staff at PC Malawi wanted to share this with you.
      For those of you who wish to contact Lucy's family, the contact is
      Mrs. Kalimba (Lucy's sister)
      City Assembly Blantyre
      Private Bag 67, Blantyre, Malawi
      +265 670-211

      Sad Loss for Peace Corps/Malawi

      On March 27, 2002, we received the terribly sad news that our dear colleague, Lucy Kachule, had passed away. As most of you know, Lucy had been diagnosed with cancer nearly two years ago. Over the past two years, she gallantly lived with this disease and never lost her wonderful sense of humor nor infectious spirit for life.

      Though I didn’t have the opportunity to meet Lucy, as she was convalescing at her sister’s home in Blantyre and wasn’t able to travel to Lilongwe since my arrival to Malawi, I heard so many wonderful stories about her and had hoped to spend time with her on my first trip to Blantyre.

      Lucy’s funeral was held on March 28 in Nkhotakota. A mini-bus full of our staff, along with two PCV representatives, attended the funeral. Below are the remarks that I made at the funeral on behalf of Peace Corps Malawi:

      Today we come together with heavy hearts and a sense of deep loss. Lucy Kachule was indeed a "mother" to Peace Corps in Malawi – both for our staff and our Volunteers. As one of our longest serving staff members, Lucy shared her special talents and gifts with Peace Corps for nearly 18 years.

      Lucy began working with PC on the 1st of October 1983. Since then , she touched the lives of nearly 2000 PCVs and PC staff. Her work involved a wide-range of duties including serving years ago as our PC Medical Officer (PCMO), providing nursing support, offering health education and training, and helping newcomers cope as they adjusted to life in Malawi.

      Lucy was special in many ways. She had a wonderful personality. She was mother for PC and a nurturer for all. She had a terrific sense of humor. She was outgoing and friendly; caring and compassionate. She also was an outstanding worker having received four awards for sustained superior performance during her PC career. Even as Lucy became increasingly ill, she remained involved and interested in the work of PC and the contributions made by our PCVs.

      Though I’m a new Country Director, I feel I know Lucy from the wonderful stories I’ve been told. Indeed, so many more of our PC family wish they could be here today to pay our last respects to Lucy. This includes Mr. Murakami, who teaches here in Nkhotakota, and so many of the PCVs who have completed their work in Malawi and returned to the U.S. We are fortunate, however, to have two PCV representatives with us today. One from Chitipa in the north and the other from Luchenza in the South.

      We know Lucy’s life was more than her contribution to PC, yet her PC contribution was very significant to our organization. We will miss Lucy with all our hearts. And she will continue to live through all of us – through PC as a development institution; through the work of our PCVs; and through the love she shared with family and friends.

      Good Bye, Dear Lucy. May You Rest in Peace

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